Midland-Odessa Shooting Started Over a Traffic Stop (Videos)


Update: The death toll is up to seven. The traffic stop was over a blinker according to some reports.

Governor Abbott said the shooter was a criminal who illegally possessed guns.

The trending news on social media is anti-gun, all of it. Where you do see someone supportive of the Second Amendment, it’s only to blame and mock them.

Multiple hospitals treated the wounded (from KOSA-TV):

14 victims were taken to Medical Center Hospital for treatment. One of the victims passed away at the hospital.

17-month-old Anderson Davis was transferred to a Lubbock hospital for treatment, and she is recovering.

Deceased is a 15-year-old high school student and a postal worker, Mary Granados.

Leila Hernandea, 15, her brother was injured.

Mary Granados was on the phone with her sister when she was blindsided.

Of the remaining victims, one person is in critical condition, three people are in serious condition and seven people are in fair condition.

One person has been treated and released.

The Odessa Regional Medical Center treated a total of six victims. Four have been released from the hospital while two remain in critical condition.

The gunman’s name has still not been released. The investigation is on.


After a man in his 30s was stopped over a traffic incident, he shot the state trooper who stopped him. He then drove around, shot people, stole a mail truck, drove around in that, and shot others. He was finally killed at the Cinergy movie theater on Saturday by police. Three officers were struck.

There are 20 to 22 injured victims and 7 deceased, Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said.

The suspect is a white male in his 30s, Gerke said. He added that the incident began at a traffic stop. The suspect shot the trooper and then fled and eventually stole a mail truck.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, officers attempted to stop the suspect at around 4:13 p.m. ET. “Prior to the vehicle coming to a complete stop, the male driver (and only occupant in the vehicle) pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several shots toward the DPS patrol unit. The patrol unit was occupied by two Troopers, and one was hit by the gunfire,” the department noted.

The agency added that the trooper who was shot in the patrol vehicle was in stable condition. Two other officers who were shot were also in stable condition.

Russell Tippin, CEO of Permian Regional Medical Center in Midland, said they treated 13 patients. Tippin said one patient died, seven are in critical condition and two are in serious condition. Two people were treated and released and another was transferred to a pediatric facility. Eight patients went through surgery.

A witness describes shootout with officers via CNN

Alex Woods drove up to the movie theater about five minutes before the shootout and saw several police vehicles with flashing lights, CNN reported.

“There was just police everywhere and there was a bunch of people behind the theater in the field walking and next thing you know this gunfire is going off,” he said. “I hear a pop, so, I flip the camera to where the theater’s at and I just see a bunch of gunfire going off.”

Woods said he saw the officer walk up to the mail van and fire into it, describing the incident as surreal.

“I believe that is when the shooter was killed,” he added. “It just all happened so quickly.”

Mike Barrett said his friend was shot and hospitalized with injuries.

“He was on the way home, him and his wife … he got shot,” Barrett said. “It went through the door of the car and shot him right in his side … his wife was just covered in blood.”

Police released the live dispatch of the chase

You can listen to live dispatch audio from Midland, Texas police here.The dispatch audio for Odessa fire can be found here.The caption with the Midland police dispatch audio reads, “Active Shooter incident reported on Interstate 20. Multiple victims reported on the freeway. Suspect, a white man is currently mobile and search underway.”



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