Migrant Steals Boat, Released, Steals Boat, Released, Tries to Steal Restaurant Boat, Released


New York City’s judicial system must be offering a buy two get one free sale on boat thievery. Quaintly dubbed ‘Boat Boy,’ an Ecuadoran here illegally stole a fireboat – formerly owned by the NYFD – and went for a joyride. The 22-year-old, Juan Hernandez, who traveled here to become a homeless man, didn’t stop at one boat. After he was released, he stole a sailboat. Again, he was captured and, of course, released.

Then he decided to go big and tried to steal a historic NYFD restaurant boat called the Frying Pan. It’s a 133-foot lightship restaurant at Pier 66, and it’s quite popular. Juan obviously liked it, too.

Workers and owners confronted him, and he got very snippy, arguing back. Eventually, he ran off.

One owner, Angela Krevey, said he claimed he left his passport on the boat, but it’s not there. She’s in fear he will return.

Hernandez came in illegally through El Paso in 2022 and never bothered to go to his immigration hearing.

Anyway, he was caught again and released by noon. Officials don’t know if they will charge him. He already has two grand larceny charges. So, I guess it’s a two-for-one sale.

That’s not all. We can’t deport him. NY judges have a “non-cooperation agreement” with federal immigration authorities, preventing them from holding migrants like Hernandez (who only steals big boats?) for federal authorities, even after arrests. New York has commie/progressive judges.

To conclude, we can do nothing about him, so watch your boats and watch out for Juan from Ecuador, the upstanding citizen that he is.

This has left some people wondering about our justice system here in New York. Oh, why?

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