Migrants Form on the Borders of Poland & Belarus, Not Just the US


Is there a planned invasion of free Western nations? One must wonder when you look at the invasion on our border and on the borders of Poland and Belarus. It smacks of George Soros’s open borders plan which he has outlined quite extensively. His plan is to destroy the borders of the world, especially of the West.

In the US, Biden and his Democrats hate their countrymen so much that they are planning amnesty for these foreigners breaking into our country.

For months Poland and other states which neighboring Belarus including Latvia and Lithuania have accused President Victor Lukashenko of intentionally sending thousands of migrants into the EU as political payback for Western sanctions and isolation measures targeting his government in Minsk,  forcing these border states to seal off and militarize key crossings.

The illegals are mostly Kurdish Muslims.

Look at the hordes of violent dirtbags Joe Biden is letting into our country. They injured five Mexican National Guard who allegedly killed a violent Cuban migrant.

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