Migrants Pour Into NYC via NJ as Randall’s Island Explodes


Hundreds of migrants have arrived at Penn Station. They come via New Jersey to circumvent New York City laws. You can watch them here. It had calmed down for a few months, but they’re back.

They will get 30 days of housing and then kicked to the curb.

New York City officials have said that the migrant crisis is unsustainable, and some have called for the federal government to secure our borders.

The Randall’s Island migrant shelter in New York City has become very dangerous. Reportedly, gangs have control over parts of it. There have been multiple stabbings, a murder, alleged rapes, stolen merchandise being sold, gang violence, drugs, and assaults on NYPD officers and staff.

What happens when they are turned loose with no legitimate source of income?

Female migrants are leaving pregnant. These gangs target non-gang migrants. Watch the clip here.

Most media reports will say it’s safe. If it’s not dangerous, why all the police?

This is what the regime has going on throughout the nation.

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