Nikolas Ferreira, The Heroic Young Man of Brazil


Nikolas Ferreira, 27, is the Youth Leader who has kept information flowing about the shutting down of free speech and the free press in the Lula government of Brazil. He has fearlessly reported the Elon Musk fight to keep his X platform live in Brazil. Musk is now under investigation, and his staff have been told they will be arrested.

Mr. Ferreira, “the most voted federal congressman in Brazil,” is now under investigation as ordered by the “Darth Vader” Justice de Moraes.

Mr. Ferreira equated Brazil’s fight for free speech with the US: “America is like a body; it’s a tripod of patriotism, morality, and spirituality. If someone undermines these three areas, America will collapse from within. Stalin said this.”

“They have known the secret for a long time and used all possible means to achieve their goal, the destruction of the family, but you may wonder, wouldn’t that be too radical of an idea? Does anyone really want to do this, and after all, how would they do that?”

He explains that they first “destroyed the sense of reality, and there is no longer right and wrong, good or bad, everything is relative. As an example, he says man exists but “women aren’t concrete concepts, therefore they must be abolished.”

Stage two is explaining how you are nothing, and they will destroy your identity.  “Young people can be carried away by any wind of doctrine and cling to what is fashionable.”

He says they tell you how to dress, what type of language you can use, and finally live like this. It is the generation most lacking in good references that has ever existed after all the left replaced Jesus with a Black Lives Matter activist…

He talks about the “selfishness of activism.” There’s more, and it’s an interesting seven minutes.

Alexandre de Moraes, the Darth Vader of Brazil
The Public Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies applauded Elon Musk’s efforts:

Elon Musk promised a full data dump on Justice de Moraes when his Brazilian staff is safe.

Why is CNN carrying water for the communist Lula da Silva? They are by misreporting. The following clip was put out without checking at all.

This is the translation of Shellenberger’s comments about the report:

The Brazilian government wants to censor conspiracy theories and yet here it is, spreading conspiracy theories: ” The Brazilian government suspects that Elon Musk’s attacks on Minister Alexandre de Moraes and now also directly on President Lula are being carried out in cooperation with deputies Bolsonaristas…” reports CNN.

CNN published this segment while admitting that “We don’t have any evidence on this yet, it’s being investigated.”

Good luck finding evidence because there isn’t any!

I was invited many months ago to speak at the Forum for Freedom in Rio Grande do Sul. Before arriving, my fellow Brazilian journalists, David Agape and Eli Viera, asked me to see if there were any Twitter archives in Brazil.

I looked and discovered that there was. What we discovered shocked us: Alexandre de Moraes and other government officials threatened to criminally prosecute Twitter’s lawyer in Brazil if he didn’t hand over *private* and *personal* information, including people’s phone numbers and their personal direct messages!

I published the Twitter Archives shortly after landing in Porto Alegre.

*No one* besides David, Eli and another colleague of mine knew that I was going to publish Twitter Files Brasil.

After it became clear that many Brazilians were interested in talking to me about the Twitter Archives, I postponed my return to the US by a week. After I decided to do this, Federal Deputy Marcel Van Hattem canceled his long-planned trip to Brussels.

I met Van Hattem in London last year, at a conference, and he was at the Forum for Freedom, in Porto Alegre. I gratefully accepted Van Hattem’s offer to be introduced to several people he knew in Brazil.

And that. That’s the whole “coordination”. If CNN had done its job, it could have learned all of this from me before publishing its “misinformation.” In fact, CNN interviewed me two nights ago and I told the two reporters how Twitter Files – Brazil came about. Apparently CNN reporters don’t talk to each other.

Apparently, CNN didn’t do its homework on Elon Musk either. With Elon, what you see is what you get. He responded publicly to Twitter Files Brasil. We don’t talk about them or correspond about them. He heard about them at the same time the world heard about them.

Is it really so difficult to believe that the politicians who were censored responded in X to more evidence of Moraes’ demands for censorship? What an idiot.

I’m trying to be nice about this, but with the segment below, CNN is not behaving like a fair and balanced news media outlet. They are behaving like an irresponsible conspiracy theorist, carrying water for the Lula government.

At least you won’t see me demanding that the government censor CNN.

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