Mike Pence Hints That He Might Run for President


Former Vice President Mike Pence interviewed with ABC News and hinted he’s considering a run for president himself.

When asked about running for office, he said, “And for me and my family, we will be reflecting about what our role is in that.”

“We’re giving it consideration in our house,” he said when asked forthrightly about his 2024 plans. “Prayerful consideration.”

Could anyone be more out of touch? He doesn’t have any base. Donald Trump will demolish him.

The clip below brought equal negative responses from Democrats and Republicans. No amount of PR can resurrect Pence’s political career.

Interactive polls report the latest on the 2024 National Republican Primary: Donald Trump — 47%, Ron DeSantis — 33%, Mike Pence — 5%.

In a previously aired clip, the vice president lays into Trump for his “reckless” tweet calling Pence a coward, followed by rioters chanting “’Hang Mike Pence’ through the halls of Congress.”

The interviewer asked if Trump should run again. Pence replied: “I think that’s up to the American people.”

“But I think we’ll have better choices in the future,” Pence added. “People in this country actually get along pretty well once you get out of politics. And I think they want to see their national leaders start to reflect that same- that same compassion and generosity of spirit.”

“And I think- so in the days ahead, I think- I think there will be better choices.”

And he’s not one of them.

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