Mike Wallace suspended indefinitely for FB post, has to go to sensitivity training


NASCAR driver Mike Wallace was suspended indefinitely for a social media post that violated NASCAR’s conduct guidelines, according to Fox Sports.

He must attend sensitivity training [re-education camp like in China] after NASCAR claims that he violated Sections 12.1; 12.8; 12.8.1.e of the rule book. Only then will he be considered for reinstatement.

The rule he broke is:

“Member actions that could result in a fine and/or indefinite suspension, or termination:

“Public statement and/or communication that criticizes, ridicules, or otherwise disparages another person based upon that person’s race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, or handicapping condition.”

Thursday afternoon, about an hour before NASCAR announced his suspension, Wallace posted to Facebook encouraging people to think before making “uneducated” posts.

You know as I fly across the United States today I’m ready various people’s political views and I have to say a famous four star Military General that I spent time with in the MidEast told me Mike let me give you some advice don’t ever get in a conversation about politics or religion unless you are really smart. I said why do you say that comment His response it’s like being balanced on a single edge razor blade if you slip you will get cut!

Think about that before we all make foolish uneducated post! Moral of this story is most of use just repeat what we have heard we really don’t know.

Have a great positive day!

Wallace, 61, returned to NASCAR after a five-year hiatus in 2020. He’s raced in three Xfinity Series races with Johnny Davis Motorsports this season with a best finish of 24th.

Wallace’s Facebook feed included commentary on various topics including slavery and gun violence, but NASCAR won’t say what post caused the problem.

It could be this gun photo or the comment about Kamila but we don’t know!

There is a gun photo that is circulating that Wallace allegedly shared on August 27th.

The gun photo shows police killing blacks at 1%. It also says that blacks are killing blacks at 97%.

The picture says, “America does have a problem. But it’s not what the media tells you it is.”

Perhaps the problem is calling Kamila a half-black person since she is half Indian and half Jamaican.

We are guessing this is the problematic comment from what we read on social media, but we don’t know. In any case, you are no longer allowed to have these opinions and you can’t call Kamila a half-black person in our new politically correct USA. You no longer have a First Amendment if you hope to work.

We used to have a First Amendment.

Perhaps he said something worse.

If he goes to a re-education camp, I mean sensitivity training, he might become one with the new crazy NASCAR.




  2. I live down the road from the Daytona Intl Speedway. Have worked as a contractor for those assholes for years. and while I’ll take their money, I won’t go to any event. The average worker at the track is a decent human being. The executives and managers, well, they are a bunch of fools, elitists, and arrogant bastards.

    I routinely have to deal with a particular asshat named Joe B. He’s the typical NYC kind of ass that moves to the South and still conducts himself as if he is in the Bronx. Joe’s contempt for Southerners is appalling. He even uses his place of origin as an excuse for his lack of respect for, and behavior toward, everyone around him. He and others like him have successfully alienated the community around the track- no one in Daytona gives two shits about the track. Joe should have been fired years ago, but now the rot has taken hold and the whole organization is falling apart. Former fans have abandoned NASCAR in droves.

    I hope the France family, and their cadre of executive and managers just continue to run the whole enterprise into the ground. NASCAR is a far cry from the days when it was about men driving cars fast. Now it’s political correctness, coddling idiots like Bubba Wallace, and having Halloween and Christmas drive through events to try and make ends meet.

    • You are spot on, especially about the arrogant maggots from the rotten apple. I live in Pennsylvania. We don’t want them here either. I still occasionally watch one of their “shows” that they call races, but I will never spend a penny of my money on them or their franchise, and haven’t in at least 30 years. My money goes to the regional dirt tracks, some of the best sprint car racing in the country if not world.

  3. Can’t wait for nascar to fail totally.
    The only people who watched it in the first place were a buncha fing peckerwoods.
    Piss them off and you’ve got no crowd.
    Woke = broke.

  4. I always liked Mike Wallace as well as his brothers, Rusty and Kenny. They all seemed like good, decent people. After reading this story about Mike, I find my liking for this family is well placed. I quit watching NASCAR shortly after Bill France turned over the reigns to his idiot son who allowed a foreign manufacturer, Toyota, to compete using purpose built racing engines not based on any production engine Toyota ever built. Then he encouraged other Asian manufacturers to enter the series that would be allowed to do the same. Only later were the American manufacturers allowed to build purpose built engines. Now I am happy to have my Sundays not sitting in front of the TV watching a series that changed racing to some kind of inane format, cookie cutter cars that only differ in decals so you know what manufacturer it represents and their engines. And recently came the Bubba Wallace, no relation to Mike, incident where NASCAR pandered to BLM and now Mike Wallace suspended for his personal opinion. No, I enjoy being active on Sundays now and totally away from the TV.

  5. Next step we will have to become card carrying Communists to participate in “Life in Amerika”. Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave? America’s founders must be spinning like tops in their graves.

  6. So, NASCAR is obsolete? I think it’s Mike Wallace who is obsolete. NASCAR is keeping up with America as we evolve. Can’t say the same for people who don’t like NASCAR’s rules for behavior of people who want to be part of its lucrative racing world.

  7. NASCAR, just another turd in the sports world punchbowl. NFL’s ratings are down DOUBLE DIGITS.
    How’s all that “wokeness” working out for ya?

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