Militarized zones in DC and elsewhere to be the ‘new normal’


Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) warned Friday that the city would see what she described as a “new normal” regarding security. This follows Biden’s inaugural.

You don’t need militarized zones for the ‘most popular president ever to be elected.’

“We are going to go back to a new normal,” Bowser said when asked if D.C.’s sweeping security measures will ease up once Biden is in office, per Reuters.

“I think our entire country is going to have to deal with how our intelligence apparatus, security apparatus at every level deal with a very real and present threat to our nation.

Is she talking about the peaceful hundreds of thousands or millions at the January 6 rally? Perhaps she’s referring to the relatively small number who went into the Capitol building?

It’s a form of pre-martial law. That might be why there are 25,000 troops in D.C.


Half the nation will be outraged as the communist policies are enacted. The Biden administration fears a reaction.

“I think our entire country is going to have to deal with how our intelligence apparatus, security apparatus at every level deal with a very real and present threat to our nation,” the mayor added.

All protesters from the right may be painted as the “real and present threat to our nation.” They are painting all of us with the same brush now.

Bowser’s remarks come after the Department of Defense authorized up to 25,000 service members to D.C. Allegedly, it supports federal law enforcement for the inauguration.

There is something else you should keep in mind. Democrats have a bill prepared to aim the DHS, FBI, and DOJ at domestic terrorists who are American citizens.

If this is the new normal, it could well be to constrain all protests against the communist agenda. I just received a report from several cities that this will take place in their cities. Columbus, Ohio, is one expected to get troops.

Democrats said we couldn’t put them on the border—the irony of ironies.


The DoJ is considering charging the rioters with seditious conspiracy and felony murder.

Officials promise to bring harsh charges. Advocates warn that we can’t “prosecute or jail our way out of a burgeoning fascist movement.”

Who are the fascists?

In other words, they consider the people who stormed the Capitol to be fascists. Are those who wandered into the Capitol fascists? Do they also consider the peaceful hundreds of thousands to be fascists? We need to know who they mean.

They don’t seem to consider Antifa and Black Lives Matter as fascists. They burn up ICE buildings but are never held to account.

Antifa/BLM terrorist John Sullivan was released without bail, even though he led the charge into the Capitol.

AT LEAST 170 people are currently under investigation in connection to the January 6 riot. Officials expect that number to “grow to the hundreds in the next coming weeks.”

According to the Prosecution Project, some 111 people were arrested or charged for actions connected to the Capitol riot as of Thursday morning.

Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin described the crimes they could be accused of. Charges for the ‘fascists’ include trespassing charges, theft of mail, digital devices, and possibly national security information from the Capitol.

Others could be charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, seditious conspiracy, and felony murder.

“The gamut of cases and criminal conduct we’re looking at is really mind-blowing, and that has really put an enormous amount of work on the plate of the FBI and field offices throughout the entire United States,” Sherwin said at a press conference this week, warning that the cases could take years to prosecute.

This is only the beginning.”

Yes, but of what?

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Still In Love With Shirley Bassey
Still In Love With Shirley Bassey
2 years ago

Saw a screen grab showing a nomenklatura apparatchik with the caption…nothing says legitimacy like troops sleeping on floors while CCP traitor sellouts rush to “work” to strip the rights from traditional Americans.
Is the zombie apocalypse imminent? I hope the fearless zombies wear masks to keep us safe.
About that 8888 plan don’t they know that 88 means Heil Hitler and it has nothing to do with the excellent Krupp 88mm all purpose gun that was actually from a WW1 design.
All kidding aside the mil is destroyed and the USA is the designated loser of WWIII.
Fancy tech gadgets (hecho en China) and badass equipment mean nothing with the rot that has occurred as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
Our enemies will be making HUGE moves under Xi Biden.
Just read foreign news aggregator page for his plan to deal with Iran for the belly laugh of the day.
The external forces of evil tremble in fear of Kommie-La and her “historic” Chuck Taylor shoes.