Military officials might kick Eddie Gallagher out of the SEALs


The top Navy SEAL, Rear Admiral Collin Green, will notify Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher and three officers that their case is being sent to a review board which could end in their expulsion from the SEALs.

Eddie Gallagher with his son

“This is a review of their suitability to be a SEAL,” a Navy officer said. The action would come less than a week after Mr. Trump intervened in the military justice case and restored Eddie Gallagher’s rank.

The president’s restoration of Gallagher’s rank and clemency toward two other former Army soldiers was welcomed by many conservatives but questioned by critics like former Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey, who said in a tweet that that without evidence proving the innocence of or injustice against the accused servicemembers, their “wholesale pardon…signals our troops and allied we don’t take the Law of Armed Conflict seriously.” He called it an “abdication of moral responsibility,” CBS News reported.

Dempsey was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2011 to 2015 under Barack Obama.

CBS reports that the action was taken by Green, who is the head of the Navy Special Warfare Command but has the backing of both the secretary of the Navy and the chief of Naval Operations. The officer explained that this is an administrative action and not affected by the President’s action.

Gallagher was found not guilty of killing an ISIS terrorist but was not cleared of posing with the dead terrorist’s body. Others posed as well but he had the highest rank.

Is this a partisan play? If they are doing this to hurt the President, it’s vindictive and cruel, but who knows.




  1. Absent evidence that GEN(R) Marty Dempsey spoke out forcefully on the following issues – then he has demonstrated to be a certified partisan hack unfit to be called ‘General’….

    1. Did Dempsey criticize Obama for trading 5 high value Taliban terrorist leaders for a deserter – and not notifying Congress 30 days in advance (IAW a LAW that Obama violated)?
    2. Did Dempsey criticize Obama for his commutation of Bradley (nee Chelsea) Manning – a sleazy Army traitor who leaked classified material to WikiLeaks.
    3. Did Dempsey criticize Obama for his new Rules of Engagement that put our military at greater risk, and gave safe haven to terrorists.
    4. Did Dempsey criticize Obama for his ‘transgendered policy’ revision that would violate existing Congressionally mandated military rules, and would cost the military precious resources, and would weaken our military posture?
    5. Did Dempsey criticize the prosecution team for violating SEAL Chief Gallagher’s rights…his being kept in solitary, the efforts to railroad him? Did he criticize the attempt to punish ONLY 1 of 11 people (Gallagher) being in a photo with a dead terrorist – or does he like selective enforcement of regulations?

    I suspect that Dempsey is a ‘perfumed prince’ of the military – and he has dishonored himself with his disrespectful attacks on the current Commander in Chief. He has a legal right to do so – but I have a legal right to call him despicable for doing so.

  2. Like the 0zero appointed judges, there are many brass in the military who were promoted to their positions by the 0zero to have compliant military command to do his bidding.
    If the Hag would’ve been elected to the oval orifice, I suspect that the military, along with the alphabet agencies, would be tasked with rounding up dissenters to whatever the leftist administration had planned.
    The brass in the armed forces would’ve been used to implement those actions. They are, for the most part, still in place.
    Trump’s 2nd term will need to weed them out and replace them with true patriots to the Constitution.
    Just sayin’.

  3. It’s not for an accused to prove innocence, dumb ass.
    It’s the responsibility of the prosecution to prove guilt
    (burden of proof) beyond a reasonable doubt.. The
    prosecution had failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As such, Gallagher was pardoned. What else could
    We the People expect from an Obama appointed ass kisser
    like Dempsey to refute Trump’s pardon. And by the way
    a-hole, it’s President Trump to you and that “naval officer’
    mentioned, above.

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