Trump pulls ahead of Biden in polls & ABC News ambush bombed


Unfair attack questions like we heard last night during the ABC News town hall are what we can expect during the debates. The moderator George Stephanopoulos was a communications director for Bill Clinton’s campaign and is close friends with the Clintons. He was a longtime adviser to the Democrat Party.

While the media shoots blanks, Trump overtakes Biden, 47%-46%, and hits 52% approval in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll.

He is attracting minority voters.

“Trump shows surprising strength among other minority voters, suggesting perhaps that he is attracting Hispanic support,” the poll found. They tied it to the violent racial protests.

And the pollster’s weekly race review released at noon had Trump nudging ahead of Biden, 47%-46%.

Notably, Rasmussen — which called Hillary Rodham Clinton’s margin of popular vote win in 2016 accurately — did not oversample Democrats as many other pollsters do. Of its likely voters’ count, 37% were Democrats, 33% Republican, and 31% independent.


Stephanopoulos was just moderating the town hall to attack the President. As for the alleged undecided voters, we doubt they are undecided, but who knows.

When one listens to the questions, anyone with a brain can tell it’s an ambush of gotcha questions. ABC News is not crediting us with intelligence if they think they can come off looking fair in any measure.


President Trump is crushing them in any case:

He’s killing it:



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