Mind-blowing double standard on protests by right and left


The outrageous hypocrisy of Democrats is exposed in a brief supercut by Tom Elliott. The clip starts out with the vile comments by Democrats against right-wing protesters wanting to return to work and ends with the same Democrats praising the “mostly peaceful,” yet very destructive protesters of the left.

Democrat dishonesty and extreme partisanship are mind-blowing.

The ‘get back to work’ groups didn’t damage a thing and had a legitimate cause. The rioters/protesters went scorched earth, they say, over George Floyd’s brutal killing. It seemed more like a ‘get out the vote’ for Joe Biden. They wanted to make it seem as if Trump failed.

Notice how concerned they were about COVID with the right-leaning group. What a scam.



President Trump will start holding rallies again soon, and the Democrat media is slowly lodging criticisms.

In a tweet, NPR wrote, “President Trump will hit the campaign trail this month — despite the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which continues to impact the lives and livelihoods of households across the country. “The rallies will be tremendous,” a campaign manager said.”

The article elaborated on concerns in light of the COVID threat. For real. They certainly didn’t care about COVID as it concerned the ‘mostly peaceful protests.’

In NPR’s article, ‘Marchers Are Full of Hope,’ they didn’t mention COV. What they said was, “Once again this weekend, protesters filled the streets in cities nationwide, rallying against police violence and chanting the name of George Floyd.”

In their article, ‘America Reckons with Racial Injustice, Mourners Pay Their Respects to George Floyd at Public Viewing in Houston,’ they didn’t mention the crowding or COV.

All federal taxpayers have to fund this partisan outlet.

As American Conservative’s Dreher says:

ABC News also jumped in. They wrote on Twitter, “President Trump’s campaign plans to resume holding rallies in the next two weeks, with advisers banking on the massive protests in recent weeks dampening criticism over holding large in-person events amid COVID-19 pandemic, multiple sources told @ABC News.”

They felt differently about George Floyd’s many memorial services. About the ‘6300 ‘mourners’ gathered together at George Floyd’s public funeral,’ ABC News Go said nothing about COVID.

When ‘10,000 protests hit the LA streets,’ ABC News only worried about the protesters’ 1st Amendment rights, not COVID.

Politico, big fans of massive left-wing ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ headlined their article, ‘Trump to restart MAGA rallies this month despite coronavirus.’

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Chippy the Clown
Chippy the Clown
3 years ago

If any comrade prattles on about a mask or social distancing happy horsesh1t then laugh in their face.
Riots have ended that kabuki theater.
No opening up of businesses and restaurants but the comrades must have room to destroy in their noble cause to afflict the comfortable capitalist pigs who have something because they took it from the comrades.
Peak clown, mondo bizarro, the great leap backwards.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

The world has been going forward “in full reverse” for approximately forty years…just about the time that the corrupt MSM officially obtained their final divorce papers from their abused spouse, nee Truth, and are now being cuckolded by a host of degenerates in social media…

Sieg Zerstoerer
Sieg Zerstoerer
3 years ago

Fact is, the DemocRATic partei is no longer the party of even twenty years ago. They are communists, plain and simple. The hardcore Leftists infiltrated and hollowed-out the party, allowing it to be flooded with fellow-travelers and actual communists. Sad but true, the Republican party isn’t a whole helluva lot better. Trump is only supported, in a halfass way, by them as a means of holding on to some power.

The Nation needs a new party, one that really embraces and enthusiastically puts forward the hopes and dreams of real Americans, not Hollyweird actors and spoiled children in masks.