Mindless Blather of the Hard-Left Women’s March


Listen to the meaningless, empty blather of a Woman’s Marcher as she marches for rights we already have.

“I think it’s a give and take. I think it’s a give and take. I believe that sometimes, you know, our voices have been heard and legislation has changed, but other times I feel like there’s a minority that’s become a louder majority and sound than in people, so I think the silent majority needs to stand up, rise up and speak our truth and speak our rights as human beings, as American citizens.”

They are not the majority. They are a minority of radicals.

They are educating the young:


Remember how the left would pick up on the errant signs in the Tea Party marches? Well, they have sign after disgusting sign and the MSM is fine with them. they have ‘Men are Rats’ signs, pussy hats, and vagina signs, but that’s okay.

This is so rehearsed and not grassroots. Why didn’t they march on the Iranian or Saudi embassies? Those are countries where women are actually oppressed and deprived of basic rights.

In a moment of levity:

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