Rich actor condemns the rich, names his communist idols


In case you didn’t know, many in Hollywood are communists. This does make one wonder if Joe McCarthy wasn’t more right than wrong. Maybe he was all right. Actor John Cusack stumped for Bernie this past week, and made it clear he is a communist.

Cusack was introduced by communist Naomi Klein, the Canadian who advises Red Francis, the hard-left Pope.


The multimillionaire had the audacity to condemn the rich, but that is because he knows if communism takes over the USA, he will be the elite.

“…And as we can see literally every day, the house is on fire.  But, as Bernie tells us, this is no time for despair, this is no time for anything but action.  Because if we stand together with him, the future is still indeed unwritten.  And there is nothing more powerful than a movement whose time has come.”

“We have never had a movement candidate this close to power with a revolutionary movement he’s led and built ready to go all the way to change the country and help heal the world.”

“When people of every race, creed, gender, everybody stands together in solidarity, when all of us whose labor powers this economy stop the profiteering and tell the billionaires and the corporate tyrannies that it’s time to treat all human beings with respect and dignity.”


“A few examples … a few examples of this [inaudible] compassion for society.  How about healthcare as a human right.  Medicare for all.  So, if you live in this country and you get sick, you don’t have to be a rich person to go to the doctor, and if you want to get an education, you don’t have to go into a modern-day debtors prison.  That’s not such a radical ask.  Public colleges and universities tuition-free.  Canceling student debt, medical debt relief.  Guaranteeing a living wage.  And most crucially, transforming the economy with the ‘Green New Deal’ which will be by necessity, in fact, the biggest economic transformation of the United States since World War II.”

“So, has the world caught up to Bernie Sanders’ moral vision?  Look it’s up to us, but there are some encouraging signs.  The corporate media, as I said, they used to hate us, and then they ignored us, and then they acted like we weren’t there, and now they just seem really confused about us.  Wall Street hates us, Drug companies hate us, insurance companies hate us, fossil fuel companies, the military-industrial complex, and the one percent of the one percent.  No, they don’t hate us, you know what it is?  They fear us.  Do you wanna know why?  Because we’re gonna take on their greed and corruption and we’re gonna win.”

Greed and corruption is Hollywood’s middle name.



He even dropped the names of famous communists — a slew of them.

“… for over forty years senator Sanders has been our guide he’s been our north star he’s been our hope in a world that often feels like it’s collapsing all around us,” he said dramatically.

Then he mentioned communists he loves, Howard Zinn, Ella Baker, Dorothy Day, Eugene Debs, Naom Chomsky, and others.

Just in case you didn’t notice he’s a communist, he wants to be clear.


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