“Mini Mike” Bloomberg Says He’s As Tall As His Head


President Trump lashed out at Mini Mike Bloomberg, calling him a “loser” with “zero presence,” little political skill, who has treated the black community poorly. This is after Bloomberg has lauded the impeachment and demonized the President.

The President makes a lot of comments about “Mini’s” height which he guesses is a “5’4” mass of dead energy.”

Bloomberg Is the Size of His Head

We’ve waited patiently for “Mini’s” response, but it was slow in coming. When it finally came during a rally, it was odd.

“He calls me Little Mike and the answer is, Donald, where I come from we measure your height from your neck up,” he said at a campaign rally in North Carolina early Thursday morning.

Clearly, that makes Little Mike about a foot tall at most.


The audience laughed hysterically at his comment, but what the hay is he even talking about?

Bloomberg said people laugh at the President behind his back and he’s known as a “carnival barking clown.” The former mayor says Trump squandered a fortune [but the President is worth billions of dollars].

Then “Little Mike” put up a dumb meme.

How did this man make $55 billion?

The Mini Tweets:

Donald Trump Jr. Leveled “Mini”

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Tallcan of Brawndo
Tallcan of Brawndo
2 years ago

Lil’ Napoleon said everyone laughs at Trump behind his back. No we laugh with him at the derp state.
Even if Trump is a vulgarian carney barker wannabe wrestler out to enlarge his brand it still 1000% better than the inevitable pantsuit princess.
He is buying us time to prepare for Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 and has restored the military from the wholesale destruction wrought by hope and change and appointing judges that go by the constitution and not the communist manifesto.

Michael James
Michael James
2 years ago

I voted for Trump, but I have to admit he can come across as very childish sometimes. It’s embarrassing. Childish insults about his opponents height sounds very crass and childish. Instead of wasting so much time tweeting, Trump needs to be going after the traitors who attempted a COUP to overthrow a duly elected president. Is he really going to let them just get away with it??? That was 100% pure, unadulterated TREASON what they did, and the American people deserve justice for it!!! If we don’t get justice, America is officially DEAD. We will be nothing more than a third-world corrupt banana republic from now on.