‘Mini Mike’ plans to win the presidency with memes


Last week, a torrent of memes pushing Mike Bloomberg’s candidacy, hit Instagram. He paid for them. Facebook will not count them as political ads so the bombardment will continue.

Astronomically rich Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is literally buying his way into the presidency. One way is through memes.

Some trolls, or rather Instagram influencers, have sold out to him for money.

“The Bloomberg campaign has quietly begun a campaign on Tribe, a ‘branded content marketplace’ that connects social media influencers with the brands who want to advertise to their followers, to pitch influencers on creating content highlighting why they love the former New York City mayor — for a price,” The Daily Beast reported last week.

“Mike Bloomberg has contracted some of the biggest meme-makers on the internet to post sponsored content on Instagram promoting his presidential campaign. The Bloomberg campaign is working with Meme 2020, a new company formed by some of the people behind extremely influential accounts.”

According to an update by Mashable published this Thursday, a bevy of so-called influencers have since taken the bait in their quest for more money.

Bloomberg has one donor — himself — and everything else is paid for.


Facebook will not count these paid-for memes as political ads.

“Facebook said sponsored political ads such as Bloomberg’s will not be included in its political ad database like other types of political advertising,” CNBC reported.

“Influencers can only post sponsored political content from authorized advertisers and posts will be archived if the creator promotes them on Facebook’s services.

Influencer meme says Mike will get it done, but what will he get done? Take our guns, our big gulps, and our sugar?

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