Minister: Don’t Have an “Absolute Right to Own Private Property” in Canada


Justin Trudeau’s Justice Minister stated that Canadians don’t have an “absolute right to own private property.”

There is hardly a more important right under capitalism. Maybe that is the point.

Canadians don’t have a Bill of Rights but they do have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that prohibits unlawful search and seizure.

Lametti made the comments in reference to confiscating Russian assets.

“I’d just like to ask you about Bill C-19 — any idea of seizing and selling off Russian assets. There are some who say that’s on shaky ground. How do you respond,” a reporter asked the Justice Minister.

“Well, look. We’ll obviously tailor the provisions so that it can withstand a court challenge. You don’t have an absolute right to own private property in Canada,” Lametti said.

“There are steps that are taken when expropriations happen at whatever level of government, and we’ll be sure to stay within those boundaries.”

That’s a slippery slope.

In the US, Biden likes to say the gun ownership isn’t an absolute right. He doesn’t think much of free speech either.

One thing is certain. These politicians don’t have an absolute right to control anyone.

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