Minnesota Passes a Most Brutal and Cruel Abortion Law


Embryo inside mother, ultrasound image, maternity concept design

The Minnesota state senate passed an abortion rights bill that guarantees a right to an abortion up to the moment of birth.

The baby has no rights. A baby who is inches from birth can have his or her life brutally ended.

The bill, known as the Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act, passed by a vote of 34-33. It now goes to Gov. Bill Walz, and he suggested he will sign it.

It only passed by one vote.

“Minnesotans don’t support elective third-trimester abortion. They just don’t. But that’s what this extreme bill entrenches in our state law: the right to abort any baby for any reason at any time up to birth,” said Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) Co-Executive Director Cathy Blaeser. “Under this bill, even babies who are old enough to live outside the womb and to feel excruciating pain have no protection from lethal violence. The extremism of H.F. 1 puts Minnesota in the same category as just a handful of countries around the world, including North Korea and China.”

How cruel.


Babies can feel pain at 20 weeks, and brutal partial-birth abortions cause excruciating pain. They won’t even anesthetize the babies before they abort.

You wouldn’t do this to a cat. They would vilify you if you tried this with a pet.

“The PRO Act solidifies Minnesotans’ human rights into state law and is an insurance policy that our rights won’t be taken away by politicians or judges,” said Dr. Sarah Traxler, chief medical officer at Planned Parenthood North Central States.

“All I want, and doctors across Minnesota want, is to provide the best care we can to our patients. And by passing the PRO Act into state law, the Minnesota Legislature will allow us to do just that,” she added in a statement.

In July, a Ramsey County judge also struck down a handful of abortion regulations in state law, including a 24-hour waiting period, an informed consent requirement, and two-parent notification for minors.

This is their response. It could be more about revenge than common sense. There is little doubt that progressives are driving this.

This is so far beyond abortion rights.

We are becoming a cruel and evil nation.

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3 months ago

We need to stop using the euphemism “abort” when we are talking about babies at any stage being killed, whether it is on the day of conception or afterwards. It is first degree murder that pretends to be healthcare, women’s choice, etc.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

Face the facts: The difference between the just fertilized ovum and a 90 year old person is just about 90 years of food water and oxygen added. The one cell is a living human being just needing time + nourishment + oxygen to be 90.
To call abortion anything but the murder of a human being is to lie.

3 months ago

Maybe it’s time for the Federal Government to determine when a baby has rights in the eyes of the Government. I suspect it would end up being at natural viability or about 25 weeks. That is what this is all about, when should government protect children; conception or birth? We know what Nature and God wants, it’s instinctive in all mothers with morals.

Save America
Save America
3 months ago

Call it what it is, murder. God help us.

3 months ago

The PRO Act will legalize the torture and murder of unborn ‘human’ babies.