Chuck Todd Interviews Jim Jordan – Interrupting, Blaming Trump


The Progressive defenders on Twitter are lashing out at Jim Jordan and think Chuck Todd did a great job today protecting the far-left extremist position. It is frustrating that most of Todd’s viewers don’t know any of the facts on these issues, so many come away thinking Jordan deflects and ignores Trump’s alleged ‘crimes.’

Chuck defended weaponizing government against parents and tried to make Biden’s obvious CCP issues about Trump. Chuck excused the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

It doesn’t help that the media, including Fox News, will not support conservatives or Donald Trump.


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan on “Meet The Press” discussed the newly created select committee to investigate the “weaponization of government” and law enforcement agencies that Republicans state is political.

“You talk about the FBI abusing powers when it comes to parents and the school boards. School board members were getting death threats. These weren’t idle things,” Chuck Todd pointed out that the FBI investigating school board protesters over Covid-19 restrictions. “You’re trying to create a controversy out of the FBI following up on a tip.”

What the media won’t tell you is Joe Biden, and the National Association of Board Members planned it.

Attorney General Merrick Garland even lied about it.

Chuck Todd also asked Jordan: “By the way, Durham investigation investigated everything you’re trying to investigate and came up with nothing. Do you not trust Bill Barr and Mister Durham?”

“The Durham investigation is not done. The Mueller investigation is done. And what did he conclude? No collusion, no conspiracy, no coordination,” Jordan said.

Why would anyone trust Barr or Durham?

No one was schooled, but Chuck did obfuscate well. The raid on Trump’s home was unprecedented and frightening.

Chuck wouldn’t let Jim Jordan make a point. He constantly interrupted. They’re in the weeds here, and Todd deflected.

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