Portland Commish is happy the riot squad quit and with 150+ days of protests (riots)


Commissioner Hardesty

The entire riot squad of fifty officers quit after one of the officers was indicted for chasing down a rioter, who claimed to be a photographer, and hitting her as she tried to get up. He said he hit her by mistake. This took place on August 18, 2020, when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were attacking the police and set fire to the Multnomah County office building.

Hardesty uses police for her own protection and last year called police on her Lyft driver over an open window.

Commissioner Hardesty responded to the team’s resignation.

She wanted to abolish the riot squad, aka Rapid Response Team and is happy they all quit the squad. Hardesty said there was “a specific demand from the local racial justice movement was that we disband PPB’s Rapid Response Team.” The local racial justice movement is Antifa/BLM.

Hardesty is actually thrilled about the 150 plus days of riots, arson, looting by Antifa/BLM.

She writes:

Last summer, the entire world rose up to demand police accountability. It was an overdue demand that we fundamentally change community safety after George Floyd and Breonna Taylor joined the long list of Black community members unjustly killed by police across the country.

In Portland, we set the tone with 150+ days of protests. This was a remarkable dedication to racial justice that was praised by George Floyd’s brother Rodney after Officer Chauvin was convicted of murder.

Portland set the tone?!?

Maybe they should burn her house down if she thinks it’s such a good idea to set things on fire.

She calls for the city council to rethink community safety. Since she’s a big supporter of Antifa and BLM, we think we know where she is going with this and it’s what she has wanted all along — to defund the police.

Here are a few of those wonderful tone-setting events she made. note of:



  1. Liberals don’t seen to understand that without Law & Order things will devolve to the law of the jungle. The Bullies will band together into gangs and control everything like the mafia. Eventually you will have a South Chicago murder rate and the tax base will disappear leaving a blighted slum behind.

  2. Set fire to the courthouse? But…muh insurrection.
    Comrade commissioner needs to jazz up the outfit with a sporty El Presidente look.
    Stack some bricks or gasoline and tires on strategic corners in the glorious people’s republic of Portlandistan.
    Portlandistan? Yea…NO.

    BTW-They do call themselves the people’s republic and not in an ironic way.
    Too bad they don’t have a corporate American football team for the No Fans Left league because they could play the Seattle Seahawks for the ownership of the Lenin statue in Seattle!
    Introducing the Portland Kommissars of the glorious NFL comrades league.

  3. You reap what you sow. The good people of Portland will have to live with it until they wake up and take back their city.

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