Mitch McConnell campaign hires teen Nick Sandmann — the Covington teen


Nick Sandmann was hired as grassroots director for McConnell’s reelection effort in Kentucky, the senator’s campaign said Friday.

Sandmann begins in the role this month, and McConnell campaign manager Kevin Golden said they’re “excited” to have him on board.

As a grassroots director, Sandmann will assist in developing field operations and building coalitions.

“Along with our already strong team, his efforts to bring people together all across Kentucky will be critical to Senator McConnell’s victory this November,” Golden said in a statement.

Sandmann, a Transylvania University student, tweeted Thursday: “finally got to add more to my bio than just my schools.”

McConnell is seeking a seventh term. His Democratic challenger is Amy McGrath, a retired Marine combat pilot who is funded by people tied to Soros charities. She promised to run as the most progressive senator, but now pretends she’s far more traditional. McGrath originally said she’s further left than anyone in Kentucky.

Sandmann, 16-years old at the time, was accosted by a far-left activist Nathan Phillips and an insane Black Israelites group at the Lincoln Memorial after he attended a pro-life rally. Despite being accosted, he and the other Catholic School Covington boys with him were viciously maligned in the press.

Things are looking up for the brutalized boy.

So far, Sandmann has won two settlements, one from CNN and another from the Washington Post, for their dishonest and vile attacks.

Nick Sandmann spoke about it at the RNC Convention:

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