Watch residents of mayor’s building throw a torrent of water on ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ below


The BLM-inspired antifa in Portland decided to harass the mayor who is actually very supportive of them and their anarcho-communist movement. To be most effective and outrageous, they have gone to his apartment building and annoyed everyone in the building. They set up a mosh pit and a loud concert of bad music in front of the building. The radical group also shined bright strobe lights on the windows.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving mayor than Ted Wheeler but the residents didn’t deserve the abuse. One decided to throw water on them! Yes!

Watch the water pour down:

They blocked the road, flashed the strobe lights, and occupied the lobby.

Check out the concert:

We don’t agree with Harmeet here. Wheeler deserved the abuse, but he won’t learn a thing from it. In truth, we don’t believe in these abusive tactics, of course. Ted Wheeler’s strongly worded letter to the President rejecting his help really panned out for him:

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