Mitch McConnell Is Spending $9 Million to Defeat Kelly Tshibaka


Mitch McConnel is spending $9 million to support Lisa Murkowski who is more Democrat that Republican.

Mitch McConnell is supporting the furthest left Republicans in the midterms and using his PAC to fund them. His most egregious effort is his support of Lisa Murkowski over Kelly Tshibaka to the tune of $9 million. He’s running ads filled with lies. The Democrat Party backs Murkowski, who will spend the next six years voting like a Democrat.

“The Alaska Republican Party on Monday censured Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for attacking Senate Republican candidate Kelly Tshibaka,” Breitbart reported. “In recent months, the McConnell-backed Senate Leadership Fund had focused about $9 million against Tshibaka to protect 21-year incumbent and pro-impeachment Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who is in a very tight reelection race, recent polling shows.”

That’s up from $6 million. Murkowski reportedly votes with Democrats most of the time. McConnell is also not funding Blake Masters, Tudor Dixon, Dr. Oz, and other more conservative candidates.

Maybe it’s time for slimy Senate Leader Mitch to admit he’s a Democrat.

Donald Trump suggested the money would be better spent helping Blake Masters.

“He should be spending the money on Blake Masters and others rather than trying to get a horrible Senator for Alaska and the U.S., Lisa Murkowski, reelected,” Trump wrote.

“Nine million dollars wasted, and Kelly Tshibaka is a far superior choice for Alaska and beyond!” Trump added.

McConnell had reportedly tried to recruit RINO-ishGov. Doug Ducey to challenge Kelly. McConnell is opposed to Donald Trump supporters, but he also hates the ideology of America First. McConnell has strong financial and emotional ties to Maoist China through his wife.

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