Mitch McConnell Sinks to a Despicable New Low


Sen. Mitch McConnell is paying for ads his political group puts out to assassinate the character of Alaska Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. They are nasty. Conservatives in Alaska don’t want Lisa Murkowski, but McConnell doesn’t care. The Alaska Republican Party removed Murkowski from the party. She’s at 50% because Democrats are voting for her in the corrupt ranked-choice voting system Murkowski promoted.

Murkowski wrote the climate agenda bill. She’s not a Republican.

According to Five Thirty Eight, Murkowski votes 67% of the time with Joe Biden’s agenda.

Mrs. Tshibaka with her husband and five children.

Mitch’s ads accuse Mrs. Tshibaka of fraud. It’s beyond despicable.

McConnell and his Senate Leadership Fund attacking another Republican is shocking and disgusting. If she wins, how is she supposed to work with McConnell?

He is determined to destroy Mrs. Tshibaka’s reputation, which will drive Alaskans away from the Republican Party.

The race is tied, and McConnell’s trying to nudge it over the line to progressive Lisa Murkowski.

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