Mitt Romney wins 84% popularity with Dems


Mitt Romney has an 84% approval rating with Utah Democrats, which is more than double the approval rating among the state’s Republican voters.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. He’s not only an adversary of Donald Trump’s, but he’s also an adversary of the Republican agenda. He’s really a Democrat as are Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Pat Toomey,.

Romney won points with Democrats with his vote to impeach. He’s planning to do it again when President Trump’s case comes to trial.

He is also an opponent of anyone who claims there was any fraud in the election. Romney supported mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, all of it.

Even though the courts never heard any of the evidence, the Utah senator said that Trump and his lawyers had their chance in the courts, and “the courts laughed them out of court. I’ve seen no evidence that suggests that there was widespread voter fraud.”

Romney never condemns anything the Left does, not even actions by Nancy Pelosi. He even marched with Black Lives Matter.

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