MLK’s biographer will release MLK Jr. tapes that will damage his image


Democrat Socialist David Garrow, who wrote the 1987 Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Martin Luther King Jr., is revealing the contents of some of the FBI surveillance tapes that will tarnish the civil rights leader’s image.

The surveillance tapes are in the government archives, under seal until 2027, but Garrow will allegedly give us an early look at who Martin Luther King Jr., the man actually was, not the whitewashed icon.

J. Edgar Hoover had the FBI spy on MLK Jr. because of his Communist affiliations given the times — the Cold War.

The British Magazine Standpoint is publishing Garrow’s full investigation in June, due out Thursday.


We have always known that MLK cheated on his wife Coretta frequently. According to Garrow, he had forty to forty-five affairs. That isn’t the shocking news. What is stunning is that while his pastor friend and fellow minister Logan Kearse [pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Baltimore] raped a parishioner, he looked and laughed, even giving tips.

They were taped in the Willard Hotel in D.C. in 1964, discussing which parishioners would be best for natural and unnatural sex acts.

“When one of the women protested that she did not approve,” a document reads, “the Baptist minister (Kearse) immediately and forcefully raped her,” while King is alleged to have looked on, laughed, and offered advice,” during the rape.

The FBI was listening in at the time but decided not to intervene.


Other tapes have King encouraging a woman to engage in unnatural sex since it “would help your soul.”

King was allegedly heard on another tape joking he was the founder of the International Association for the Advancement of P***y Eaters, according to Garrow.

Among the revelations is a claim by a prostitute who said she was involved in a threesome with King, which she described as the worst orgy she had ever experienced.

His wife Coretta often complained he was hardly with her and even said he would spend less than 10 hours a month at home.

According to one FBI report, King said, “She should go out and have some sexual affairs of her own.”

There is even a suggestion in the files that King fathered a daughter with a secret girlfriend in Los Angeles.

Both the mother and child are alive but refused to talk to Garrow.


Years later, former Governor Meldrim Thompson of New Hampshire wrote to then-President Ronald Reagan, urging him to veto any bill creating a national holiday for King. Reagan said, “I have the reservations you have, but here the perception of too many people is based on an image, not reality. Indeed, to them, the perception is reality.”

While King was courageous and a man who led peaceful protests at a time when Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael wanted to kill whites. He made a tremendous positive difference in the Civil Rights movement. King was a great orator and he helped shape a better America, one that recognized the rights of all Americans despite the color of their skin.

King was, however, on the political hard left according to his friends, and was long thought to be a communist.

He was not a supporter of capitalism and wanted to see a socialist-light United States. Former NAACP Chair Julian Bond said the image of MLK Jr. was “anesthetized.”

“We’ve transformed him into a cut-leaf figure, someone who had a dream and spoke those magnificent words, but we don’t remember the King who was a critic of capitalism.” He said King preferred a “modified form o socialism” for the United States.

King’s biographer is a renowned leftist and supporter of Martin Luther King Jr. and hid his dark side for decades.

When people condemn the President for an old tape of him sharing locker room talk with Billy Bush, they might want to consider the allegations against MLK Jr. When they tear down statues of the Founding Fathers, perhaps they will hesitate now or should we take down MLK statues and give his holiday back to the Founding Father?

After publication, we corrected information about a former New Hampshire governor writing to then-President Ronald Reagan.

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