The Mob is after Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingraham


There is no question that the conservative hosts on Fox News are targets of the left, especially Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. The left is actively trying to bully Fox into silencing them or firing them. It’s no small matter. They could win by bullying Fox News.

Tucker took off on vacation in the middle of the week after the mob came for him because one of his senior writers was blogging racist and homophobic comments on an anonymous blog. He said it was pre-planned, but, who knows.

Tucker wasn’t very apologetic about the writer’s private ramblings but made it clear it has nothing to do with Fox and they don’t approve of that language.

Now, allegedly, many of the black staffers at Fox are allegedly in an uproar over the network’s “unbearable” “white supremacy.” This is according to several authors of a piece at The Daily Beast.


Allegedly, this angry group was on a phone call for 90 minutes on June 9 with Media CEO Suzanne Scott, President Jay Wallace, and HR Chief Kevin Lord. It was led by Scott, who is white, and Marsheila Hayes, the vice-president of diversity and inclusion at Fox, who is black.

Bret Baier was attacked for a graphic from the WSJ and Fortune Magazine. The charge was that it was insensitive and “horrific.” Fox showed a graph of significant historical events and the reaction of the market [so what?].

Baier’s apology:


The main target isn’t Baier, it’s Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

The Beast authors wrote: In the month since, on-air talent has continued to rant against the Black Lives Matter “mob” and proclaim that America is “under attack,” while a top writer for Tucker Carlson’s show was ousted just last week for his pseudonymous racist and sexist posts on an online troll forum.

In other words, Black Lives Matter can’t be called a mob — it’s racist. The authors of the piece also write that the protests were largely peaceful, but that isn’t true.

To make their long story short, they were greatly displeased by his on-air apology.

The call was therapeutic, they wrote, but “staffers say the network has since then made barely any progress on confronting its own racism.”

One employee was especially angry, saying, “They created a cell—they created a white supremacist cell inside the top cable network in America, the one that directly influences the president… This is rank racism excused by Murdoch.” 

The cell is Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham.

As an example of Ingraham’s alleged racism, the outlet wrote, on June 29, she did an anti-Black Lives Matter monologue which included a line that many viewed as a racist dog whistle and threat: “We will remember those who desert their colors.”

A racist dog whistle? It’s a historical military reference and it’s not racist. But there was an uproar over it.

All of these complainants are anonymous, by the way.

One anonymous blatherer allegedly said: A Fox News insider, meanwhile, suggested to The Daily Beast that the network frequently deploys right-leaning Black contributors and guests to give cover to racially insensitive content. “That’s something they routinely do—they turn out these people, like Candace Owens, to support these things, and use Black apologists to denigrate other Black men and women and victimize them.

It’s how they see it, I guess.


Tucker allegedly goes on increasingly unhinged rants about Black Lives Matter and ongoing anti-police brutality protests—the overwhelming majority of which have been peaceful—have made their way into President Donald Trump’s similarly bonkers speeches as of late.

If you click on the links, you will find that their complaints are Tucker called BLM a ‘pandemic’ and he said the George Floyd riots aren’t about Mr. Floyd or social justice, they’re about ‘Trump and seizing power.’ That is what many think. It’s not racist.

They also linked to Media Matters but we won’t link to the Soros-Brock smear machine.

In one such monologue, Carlson warned viewers that a Black Lives Matter “mob” will “come for you,” the Beast whines.

Black Lives Matter’s leaders are open about being “trained Marxists” and their very public platform is pure communism. They engage in the same antics as Antifa and they don’t hide what they are, although the media covers for them.

They are the mob. That doesn’t mean decent people aren’t marching with them. We are talking about the leadership.

The Beast falsely smeared the network as “openly flirting with racist ideology,” using vague complaints from anonymous people with no evidence.

It’s not true at all. It’s simply a way to silence opposing opinions. It would be interesting to know what their definition of racism is because it isn’t racist to criticize a Marxist mob of bullies simply because half of them are black.

The left is going after Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson in a virulent way. It’s unclear if they will survive.

You can read the article by googling, The Daily Beast, ‘A heated early-June phone call between Fox execs and Black staffers was just the beginning of an internal revolt against racism at the network, insiders told The Daily Beast.’ I won’t link to them.

They were undoubtedly very angry about this segment [Fox removed it]:

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