Mob of Teens Injure Six NYPD Officers at the Scene of an Accident


Six police officers were injured during an attack by a teenage mob when they answered a call to rescue a cab driver from a mob. Apparently, a cab hit a pedestrian on Thursday.

According to a witness’ Facebook post, a yellow cab had collided with one of the teens prior to the officers’ arrival.

The teens then confronted a cab driver who they believed was responsible for injuring the 18-year-old man and began jumping on his vehicle, WINS reported.

The cab driver said the vigilantes made a mistake. His cab wasn’t the one that hit the kid.

As police tended to the injured pedestrian lying in the middle of the street, the mob of teens assaulted them.

“When responding officers attempted to disperse the group, some individuals refused lawful orders to leave the immediate area and began to punch and assault uniformed officers assigned to the [Manhattan] Precinct and School Safety Officers,” Det. Moroney told Blue Lives Matter.

“OC spray was discharged in an attempt to gain control of the situation,” she said.

It was outside a school for kids with special needs and that became a reason to accuse the police of acting improperly.

“The police had no idea how to deal with kids with special needs,” a woman named Tiffandra Ferguson ranted as she took video. “How do you choke a minor for not wanting to go to the hospital and punching, body-slamming the other students.”

The students refused to follow lawful orders and the police were controlling them however they could. The way these brats need to be handled is with a swift kick. A ‘disability’ does not justify injuring the police. This is what Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio has done for New York. Tiffandra, for her part, is misguided, justifying lawless behavior.

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