Brutal! DOJ Smacks Down Nadler’s Mock ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ Claims


Politico posted a 40-page brief written by the Department of Justice brutally slamming House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler’s [mock] impeachment inquiry. The DOJ says it’s not an impeachment inquiry.

It looks like the DOJ has had enough of this insanity.

Nadler is conducting an impeachment inquiry, pretending it’s impeachment for the purposes of securing documents and forcing interviews, while not moving ahead with a vote for articles of impeachment so the Democrats keep their hands clean.

Jerrold wants all the benefits of impeachment without requiring the Democrats to vote for impeachment.

This is a dangerous abuse of power and a violation of the President’s civil rights and the civil rights of all those they drag in for hearings.

The DOJ wrote that the “impeachment investigation” isn’t one. The report cited comments by leadership, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer who said they are not even close to an “impeachment inquiry.”

As recently as last July, Nadler himself said they were not conducting an impeachment inquiry, the brief states.

The DOJ also said that Nixon-era precedents don’t suggest Congress has a right to grand jury material under a “judicial proceeding” exemption.

While the committee claims it requires access to the grand jury testimony to question Don McGahn, the former White House counsel, Nadler said this week that he doesn’t need to interview Don McGahn to consider impeachment.

The DOJ basically says Pelosi, Hoyer and Nadler’s conflicting impeachment messages undermine the claim they’re anywhere close to an “impeachment investigation.”

Nadler was trying to do an end-run around the rules to destroy the President.

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