Mob’s infuriated that officers shot man shooting at them, now we have footage


A riled-up mob wants ‘justice’ in the death of Hakim Littleton who was shot dead by police in Detroit as he was shooting at them. We reported on this when it happened but the calls for justice have grown louder. The angry mob had no facts whatsoever — other than the fact that officers shot and killed a black man.

The reason they were angry was the misreporting by the media — see below.

Police Chief James Craig released the police dashcam video seven hours after the shooting of Hakim Littleton, which had spurred angry ‘protests’ in the area almost immediately after.

Why did Littleton pull a gun on the cops?

“When Mr. Littleton was walking in the opposite direction, he heard that his friend was being detained, then he walked toward the officers,” Craig told reporters. “Some comments were made. He was angry about his friend being arrested, and that’s when he pulled out his weapon.”

The video clearly shows that the shoot was justified. He aimed his gun at an officer’s head and pulled the trigger.


Here is another video courtesy of reader Greg:


NBC fake news linked to a video of NBC News correspondent Kathy Park reporting on Littleton’s death in a tweet. Park did note that video footage shows Littleton taking what appears to be a weapon and firing it at an officer, but “NBC Nightly ‘News’ with Lester Holt” did not include this in its tweet.

The corrupt media is driving the division and anger.

The Daily Caller pointed out that Twitter users were forced to correct NBC. NBC didn’t correct itself since they’ve taken to just lying outright.

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