Mockery of justice! DOJ recommends 9 years for Trump’s ally Roger Stone


Federal prosecutors in Washington, D.C., on Monday, recommended that Trump ally Roger Stone serve up to nine years in prison, and a minimum of 87 months for lying to the House investigators and for allegedly threatening one of the witnesses Roger Credico (witness tampering).

The Mueller team terrified him and bullied him. These were perjury traps — process crimes. The IRS officials, Hillary Clinton’s staff all lied to Congress, as did Jim Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper. Why aren’t they going to jail?


Prosecutors argued in their filing that Stone, who was convicted at trial on Nov. 15, should serve additional jail time because he made threats against an associate, Randy Credico.

Stone told Credico in an April 2018 text message: “Prepare to die, cocksucker.”

Credico, who testified at Stone’s trial, asked Judge Amy Berman Jackson, and anti-Trump judge, in a letter on Jan. 20 to sentence Stone only to probation, without jail time. He testified at trial and said in the letter that he did not feel physically threatened by Stone’s threats.

Prosecutors decided to downplay Credico’s letter to the judge.

“Stone may point to the letter submitted by Credico and argue that he did not have a serious plan to harm Credico or that Credico did not seriously believe that Stone would follow through on his threats. But Credico testified that Stone’s threats concerned him because he was worried that Stone’s words if repeated in public, might make ‘other people get ideas,’” they argued.

“In any event, it is the threat itself, not the likelihood of carrying out the threat, that triggers the enhancement,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors recommended that Stone serve a minimum of 87 months in his case. Stone is 67 years of age. His wife is deaf and dependent on him. Who does this imprisonment serve? What does locking up a lobbyist and gadfly for all these years do for anyone?

Mueller’s team went after Stone because they thought he had contact with Wikileaks. They found nothing but managed to entrap him with the help of the House Democrats.

President Trump needs to pardon him. Stone’s real crime was supporting Donald Trump.



  1. Roger Stone played with fire and got burned. He violated the primary rule that when the feds come knocking the only response is five words,”I have nothing to say.” Hopefully Stone can stay out on appeal until after the election so Trump can commute his sentence.

  2. This indicates to me that along with the DOJ continued assault on General Flynn, that there are multiple deep state rogue elements operating freely. Like Clinton and Obama, President Trump should have gotten rid of all the swamp snakes from his first day in office. A huge mistake which he still has not corrected and I like the man and pray for his safety.

  3. Not too smart on the tweet but Twit does inspire some bird brained activity. Is that why the Comedy News Network and SWAT team raided him in the pre-dawn hours?
    Snoopy can threaten Gayle King and nothing happens. If it wasn’t for double standards the comrades would have no standards at all.
    Or Flynn and Stone get the treatment because they can’t get to The Don?

  4. There is nothing more dangerous to democracy than the use of the justice system as a political weapon. Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have done more harm to this country by their abuse of power than anyone in my lifetime. God Damn them all.

  5. The behavior of prosecutors in the railroading of Flynn & Stone is a mirror into the behavior of Barr. The battle lines are Trump & Rudy versus Barr & Congress.

  6. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) needs to go to prison for witness intimidation too. He threatened businesses owned by EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and if wife unless his testimony before the phony impeachment was to criticize President Trump.
    Blumenauer’s official statement was:
    Anyone who cares about America should not do any business or stay at any of Gordon Sondland’s hotels. Not until he fulfills his duty as a citizen to testify and turn over all relevant documents to the House of Representatives.

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