‘Moderate’ Buttigieg wants to abolish the Electoral College, legalize all drugs


‘Moderate’ Pete Buttigieg wants to abolish the Electoral College. The only reason he wants to do that is to secure the presidency for the leftists in the heavily populated cities in perpetuity.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked on Fox News Sunday, “You have made it clear you want some structural changes, not just specific issue changes. One is to end the electoral college. Doesn’t that mean, in a general election, if it was just about the popular vote, nobody would come to a state like New Hampshire because they would be too busy going to population centers like New York and Los Angeles?”

“No, I don’t think that would be the effect,” Buttigieg claimed. “The reason is, we run every other election in this country in the traditional fashion when you’re running for governor of a state of any size, you go to the big cities and you go to the small towns. We don’t run governors races with some electoral college system or some counties count more than other counties. If you want to earn that office, you campaign everywhere.”

He said that is true for the country. Then he claimed falsely that the Electoral College “just benefits some states.”

“At the end of the day, I think it is more fair for everybody’s vote to count the exact same as we do in every other election that we run in this country.”

A popular vote actually does the opposite. Smaller states would have no voice. As for the fairness of the Electoral College, the largely populated states do have more electors.

A local or state election is not the same as a national — presidential — election and he knows that.  Buttigieg is comparing apples to oranges. He is counting on the people being too stupid to realize the deception here.

Just the fact that he said he would abolish the Electoral College proves he’s a liar. He can’t do that constitutionally.


He bizarrely called for the legalization of all drugs, including heroin and meth.

Politico reported that he edged out Bernie Sanders in delegates and is declared the winner of Iowa. The party doesn’t want Bernie to win anything.

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