Omar explains how the USA is responsible for floods, refugees, dead children around the world


Rep. Ilhan Omar blames America for refugees, floods, and every bad thing that happens to people throughout the world.

When we see a refugee, we must think about how our foreign policy caused the problem, according to her. If there is flooding somewhere, it is our contribution to climate change that helped create the floods.

Refugees and flooding are our fault.

She told a Howard University audience that the problems caused by the American military should lead the country toward “reimagining a vision of what our foreign policy should be.”

She also said it is important to consider “what human rights conditionalities [sic] could mean as we think about people who are using the weapons that are created in this country to take the lives of innocent children and women and men abroad.”

Dead children are our fault too.

She concluded by arguing the United States should stop using money for “militarizing our government” and instead use it “for the prospect of peace around the world.”

Apparently, self-defense is out.

She is opposed to sanctions unless they are Boycott, Divest, and Sanction aimed at Israel.

The only conclusion one can come to is she hates America, and she hates Israel, so why is she here? She sees us as the Bogeyman and wants to transform us into some kind of communist hellhole like the one she left.

Omar is a communist hater, who was rescued as a child from a refugee camp. She should be grateful, but she’s not.

Watch, it’s unbelievable:

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