‘Moderate’ Moral Pete has hard-left views on reparations, abortions, guns, etc


The so-called Democrat moderate Pete Buttigieg wants to be our moral arbiter and he is anything but moderate or moral. He wants to pack the Supreme Court to wipe out the votes of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, he is calling for reparations, unlimited access to abortion, and he thinks Thomas Jefferson’s name should be erased from the public square. Pete demands national gun licensing. He is very anti-Bill of Rights.


Pete Buttigieg is on Fox News, the network he demonized, saying foul things about President Trump. His latest not-very-astute claim is that the President engineered Iran’s reaction. Those are the words of an America hater.

He did say “America was never that great,” and he is the son of a famous communist. It’s all to be expected.

Mr. Morality, the man who wants to be our moral leader, won’t put limits on abortions. Moral Pete wants to eliminate those babies and pretends they’re not babies, even after sonograms prove they are little human beings. Forty percent of those babies are black.

He also wants to steal your money.


Why would we expect anything else from the son of a communist?

He will pack the Supreme Court — he will politicize it.



  1. Pete Buttigieg says that the situation in Iran was “engineered” by the Trump administration. The Iran mess was started by a democrat, James Earl Carter. It was only AFTER President Reagan was elected that the hostages were released and that was back in 1980. Learn some history you damn fool.

  2. I love this idea of “reparations”. They just want some mo’ checks in da mail on Friday, apparently. FIrst, Jews and Japanese-Americans should never have gotten “reparations”…I wasn’t even aware they had. What the hell did we do to Jews? If she means we helped them financially after WWI because they had suffered, that’s not the same thing. If she means “Jews” in Germany got reparations, but counts those anyway because “they’re all white people, same difference’, she’s an idiot.. Holocaust is not the same thing as “racism in the US”. If Japanese did get “reparations”, it was to Japanese-Americans for the SPECIFIC GOVERNMENT POLICY of interning them in WWII, which cost many of them homes, jobs and business. They were locked up by a government decision to intern them, and later repaid some of what they had lost. The same government, the same generation of people who did the interning paid them back for the losses their wartime policy had caused. That is NOT the same thing as “making reparations” to blacks for generations of “racism” that had nothing to do with the present generation, and was not any official policy of the US government. Where there was racism, it was by private citizens against other private citizens, and the goverment…i.e. the taxpayers as a whole…are NOT responsible for “paying you back”. Where government policies did result in negative outcomes for blacks specifically, it was not due to any intent to specifically target blacks and deprive them of anything. Again, not liable. The US government helped the blacks move into the cities in the 1940s, helped them find housing, started handing out welfare checks to buy votes among them by the 1950s and 60s (thus inflating the serial problem with single-mother households among black communities, due to the only single-mother homes being eligible for Welfare checks from Uncle Sam).
    If we DID pay them “reparations”, what the hell do you want? A check for $20,000 in the mail for every black person in the US? How long do you suppose that money would STAY in the black community? It wouldn’t make them any wiser or economical overnight. Many or most of them would go out and blow it like a lottery ticket, and it wouldn’t stay in the community for long at all. It’d got to lottery tickets, drugs, TVs, cars, They won’t buy this stuff from black-owned stores mostly. You want $5M apiece then? A guaranteed annuity four times a year for life – aka Welfare For All (Blacks)?
    Apparently setting aside slots in all schools and management and decent jobs specially for black people isn’t enough, no. The only thing that can make them better is some Free Money. What else could make up for decades of slavery and racism (that most young blacks have never even experienced).
    And worst of all, guaranteed even if we just said “sure, here, here’s $10B for the blacks in the US to redress “economic disparity”, they sure as hell wouldn’t drop it and would keep playing the “inncoent victim” card and demanding more shit afterwards. Especially since, like I said, whatever amount of money you just hand to them, most of it will just be blown and gone out of their hands again. Poor people are almost always poor for some reason. I know because I AM poor and I’ve lived among poor people my whole life.

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