Moment Staten Island bar owner rode away with deputy on his hood (video)


This is the moment the Staten Island bar owner rode away with the Deputy Sheriff on his car hood. Mac’s bar owner, Mr. Presti claimed through his lawyer that he did not hit the deputy. He also does not believe the Deputy’s legs were broken, but rather he has torn ligaments in his ankle. We don’t know which story is correct, other than to say the Sheriff was injured while Presti was resisting arrest.

The Sheriff was trying to arrest him for serving drinks.

Surveillance video exclusively obtained by The Post opens with Danny Presti, co-owner of Mac’s Public House, running into frame and getting behind the wheel of the blue Jeep around midnight Sunday.

Two plainclothes officers were hot on his tail.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Kenneth Matos reaches the vehicle before Presti can drive away. He appears to move toward the front passenger window before backing up to the front of the Jeep, the 18-second clip shows.

With Matos in front of the vehicle, appearing to rest his hands on its hood, Presti begins to accelerate. The momentum gradually picks the lawman up onto the hood or the Deputy climbed on the hood, the video shows.

The Jeep continued out of frame, with Matos still atop the hood and his partner running alongside the vehicle’s passenger side, the video shows. I can’t tell.

Why do people resist arrest? Just go with it. And why did this officer get in front of the care over a minor offense??? They could easily have gone to his house and picked him up later or called his lawyer. The man isn’t a serial killer or a master thief.

His lawyer said they didn’t announce themselves.

The Leftists, who had no problem with rioters and looters destroying stores and hurting people, are livid about this. It’s not good, of course, but the hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio want this man to suffer mightily. Suddenly, they care about law enforcement.

It’s obnoxious listening to Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio suddenly sounding so virtuous over this man’s misdeed when they allow their leftist lunatics’ abuse law enforcement non-stop.


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