Money Hidden in $95B Bill for Migration Might Bring Gazans Here


Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) believes that the billions being sent to Gaza are suspicious. The funds are disconnected from the reality of a humanitarian mission. The funds are legally worded so Biden can do whatever he wants. Why word it that way? And does the Pier have uses beyond humanitarian needs?

“I’m pouring through the pages of the three supplemental funding bills.  Don’t buy what they are selling. Came across this on page 11: ‘‘International Disaster Assistance’’, $5,655,000,000, to remain available until expended, to address humanitarian needs, and ‘‘Migration and Refugee Assistance’’, $3,495,000,000, for a total of $9 billion going to “humanitarian needs” in Gaza.

“Translation: $9 billion to Hamas to redirect those funds for more terrorist activities in the region.”

We could also bring Gazans here as Jamaal Bowman, AOC, and other Democrats want.

Sentinel reported about these funds, but now Rep. Gosar suggests they are to bring Gazan terrorists here. Would that surprise anyone? Gazan children are taught from early childhood to hate Jews and America. What could go wrong?

Several Democrats and Joe Biden have previously suggested we bring so-called Palestinians here. Since they overwhelmingly vote for Hamas, that sounds like a terrible idea. It’s an idea a traitor would conceive of.

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