Moonbat Cher says if Trump wins in 2020 he’ll put LGBTs in internment camps


We usually don’t bother with Cher since she’s just so off the wall, but she really outdid herself with her latest tweet. She hates the President so much that she claims if he’s re-elected, he will strip all protections from the LGBT community and put them in internment camps.

That is sheer insanity. If Trump was going to do that, why wouldn’t he do it now? I mean, why wait? Why didn’t he line them up and shoot them? The left said he’d so that too.

She was set off because he recognized LGBTs and called for support for the community worldwide. It set all the crazy hatemongers off. Facts, reality, none of it matters to the moonbats.

Like the rest of the commie socialist Dems, she wants to make sure the LGBTs remain fearful of Trump so they don’t leave the plantation. They must win in 2020 at all costs and they think hate will get them there.

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