Moonbat Hirono doesn’t care about “legal…constitutional defenses”


Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said on Friday that she did not “care” about the “legal” and “constitutional defenses” that President Donald Trump’s legal defense used during his Senate impeachment trial.

Hirono’s comments come as the Senate voted down Democrats’ attempts to prolong the Senate trial on Friday by calling for new witnesses and documents in a 51-49 vote.

This is what people in Hawaii sent to Congress.


During the interview, when fake news reporter Brian Williams read some of Lamar Alexander’s comments and asked for her reaction, the arrogant woman said, “Did you see me rolling my eyes and muttering to myself, too?”

She had the gall to roll her eyes at someone who makes more sense than she does. She is still trying to push obstruction of Congress because the President exercised his constitutional right to seek judicial review.

She told the MSNBC panel, “And I tell you, when the Trump team said, oh, well, you know, if you’re going to impeach him and convict him for what he did, that means this president is going to be facing impeachment at every turn, what they really are afraid of is that this president, unfettered without a conviction, means that he’s going to be doing a lot more stuff that was subject to impeachment because that’s what this guy is. He believes he’s king now. I think our country is in great danger.”

She Thinks Alan Dershowitz Makes No Sense

Mazie also commented on Dershowitz’s argument. He is a great legal mind, and she is not.

“So, there’s Dershowitz. He hardly made sense at all throughout this whole thing.”

She ranted about Trump asking a foreign country to investigate corruption. If it’s so awful, why do we have a treaty allowing it.


RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel made the point that the “Democrat leaders want to destroy the Constitution in order to impeach” That is what they do. If they don’t like the results, they destroy. If they disagree with the Supreme Court, they ignore the rulings or find ways around them, and push to stack the court. When the Electoral College doesn’t go their way, they seek to abolish it. The same goes for agencies they don’t like, such as the DHS and ICE.

If you don’t agree with her, you need to find your soul:

She’s also going along with the company line that the President is a monarch because he will be acquitted [on baseless charges.]:

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