More Anchor Babies Are Born in the US Than Citizen babies


Open borders activists have worked with far-left politicians to push Presidents Obama & Biden to abuse their prosecutorial discretion, violating the Constitution.

Obama and Biden told the DHS and U.S. Border Patrol to not prosecute illegal aliens who violated existing immigration laws.

Now we have anchor baby births outnumbering citizens.

Pregnant women are pouring into the country.

All the myriad tourist visas don’t help. Foreigners come on vacation and get their little US citizens a free education and any benefits they want. They can then bring over their entire family.

Along with the huge number of illegal aliens, nearly 400,000 anchor children were born in the United States over the last 12 months.

This secured birthright American citizenship for the children even though their parents were citizens of a different nation.

This number adds to the estimated 4.5 plus million anchor babies and there are only 4 million American babies.

it costs US taxpayers 2.4 billion each year.

However, it might not work out for the commies. Many are Hispanics and they are starting to catch on to the commies.


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