More damning leaked election/Dominion audio out of Maricopa Country


More audio from Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri has leaked. After the leak, he resigned his position. The leak came via The Gateway Pundit.

In the audio, he admits, “I Don’t  Feel Comfortable with Dominion.” He also said the County Recorder Stephen Richer Agrees.

In both a January phone call and a March meeting, Chucri expressed his doubts about Dominion software and his belief that it should never be used again.

He said it was a “screw up” for them to use Dominion after Texas declined to use the software due to critical security concerns.

Chucri also said that he’s expressed these concerns to the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and that County Recorder Stephen Richer was on his side.

He knew about Soros and Smartmatic and was concerned. He also said this isn’t only a concern from the far-right. It’s a widespread concern. Democrats have written to him that “they don’t like this Dominion.”

The problem with the machines is the entire election is turned over to third-party vendors. The company isn’t even American-owned.

Watch the video via The Gateway Pundit:

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