More DOJ Raids Coming for Trump’s Fundraising Arm


New FBI pre-election raids for Donald Trump and allies are on the agenda as soon as the [In]Justice Department impanels a criminal grand jury to investigate Donald Trump’s election campaign arm. For example, the DOJ is going after Stephen Miller for his role in fundraising. Miller is also a target because of his organization America First Legal which sues government agencies over the many unconstitutional mandates, rules, and guidance they issue.

The government doesn’t have anything so they made the warrants broad. The only reason for broad warrants is to fish for information they can use against their targets. It’s a Beria-style investigation.


According to Paul Sperry, “Biden DOJ/FBI planning more raids of Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties: sources.”

“Biden DOJ/FBI has impaneled another criminal grand jury to investigate Trump’s Make America Great Committee, parent of the Save America PAC which has been a highly effective fundraiser.

The New York Times reported on the grand jury developments. As they customarily do, the made Donald Trump’s arguments that the 2020 election was ‘rigged’ look like a federal crime.

“A federal grand jury in Washington is examining the formation of — and spending by — a fund-raising operation created by Donald J. Trump after his loss in the 2020 election as he was soliciting millions of dollars by baselessly asserting that the results had been marred by widespread voting fraud,” the Times reported.

Many of the actions Biden takes are likely unconstitutional but Democrats know it will take years to fight it. Meanwhile, this gets them election successes.


“According to subpoenas issued by the grand jury, the contents of which were described to The New York Times, the Justice Department is interested in the inner workings of Save America PAC, Mr. Trump’s main fund-raising vehicle after the election,” the report added. “Several similar subpoenas were sent on Wednesday to junior and midlevel aides who worked in the White House and for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.”

They are also going after big fish like Stephen Miller and Brian Jack.

Mike Davis leads the Article III Project and clerked for Justice Gorsuch. He tweeted about the abuse of power that 35 to 50 subpoenas and raids of Trump allies entail. He wondered why the Republicans weren’t saying anything. Is their strategy that saying less is better? I disagree.

They have to start aggressively defending what they stand for and how they will address the pressing issues. That includies abuse of power. What do you think? We want your opinions. We’re tired of ours all the time.

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1 year ago

These People had better Steal the Election or they will all be going to Jail be paying fines starting in January. Government Officials are not immune from prosecution for abuse of their office. Some may even be able to be sued under State Laws. Much of this is Civil Rights violations and the Federal Government has a long president for charging and convicting State Officials for that. The Democrat panic level is at an all time high!

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

A continuation of MySonHunter Joe Biden’s spiteful ultra hissy fits and retaliations against ALL Americans for being exposed as a corrupt lowlife and KKK associate.