Biden Wants Donald Trump Indicted by November


Prominent people insist Donald Trump must be prosecuted for something, and we now have disloyal former staffers covering for Attorney General Merrick Garland. An indictment seems inevitable. Based on his sources, Bill O’Reilly said in a recent Factor show that all of this is coming down from Joe Biden, who wants him indicted before November.

O’Reilly reported on September 6, “…it is President Biden himself directing the attempted takedown of Donald Trump.  Usually, Mr. Biden is disengaged from policy, doing what his far-left handlers want.  Not this time.

“The President wants the Justice Department to indict Trump before the midterm election, believing many independent voters will turn against Republican candidates, especially those who support Trump.

“So, it’s going to be a blood feud between the two presidents.”

Biden is catering to his WEF friends.

Normally, we wouldn’t give too much credence to anonymous sources but judging from the way the fishing expeditions are advancing, we’d say it’s a real possibility.

The Hill author Brett Samuels, claiming Bill Barr is a prominent conservative, says he stands out for “his willingness to undercut not just Trump’s own defense but the preferred narrative of Trump’s allies and wide swaths of the Republican Party.”

“Bill Barr has been a real law and order kind of guy and has been strongly protective of national security interests and Department of Justice interests,” said Alan Morrison, a law professor at George Washington University.

[Do law and order kind of guys convict a person before trial? That is what he is doing.]

Barr dismissed Trump’s defense that he declassified everything.

“Let me just say, I think the driver on this from the beginning was loads of classified information sitting in Mar-a-Lago. People say this [raid] was unprecedented — well, it’s also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put them in a country club, okay,” Barr said.

[Barr has no clue what those documents are. Are they Crossfire Hurricane? They were all publicly declassified. The Bureau is famous for classifying anything and everything embarrassing to them. Can’t we wait for the evidence?]

[What about all the illegal leaks from the Justice Department that will taint the jury? Has Barr noticed? The fact that this is going on before the election is election interference. There is no emergency here. The fact that the DOJ is putting our broad warrants on 35-50 Republicans close to Donald Trump is deeply concerning and prejudicial.]


In an appearance on Fox recently, Barr said he believes the Justice Department is “getting very close” to the point where they could indict someone in the case, including potentially Trump.

Like Barr, former Trump attorney Ty Cobb told the news outlet he believes the possibility of Trump being indicted is “very high.”

Ty Cobb, who served as a lawyer in Trump’s White House during the Russia investigation, told CBS News on Friday he believes Trump is “in serious legal water,” not just because of the ongoing investigation into his handling of classified documents, but because of efforts to change the outcome of the 2020 election in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Andrew Weissmann, Mueller’s lieutenant in the Russiagate fishing expedition, said in August that former President Donald Trump would be “prosecuted” over how he handled classified documents after the FBI search warrant affidavit was unsealed.

Predicting Is Like Convicting Before Trial

Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC blatherer Glenn Kirschner predicted in mid-July that Donald Trump “will be prosecuted” in state and federal court for the Jan. 6 riot. He asserted that the former president “is going down.”

Brookings Institute suggests they can get him for violating the 14th Amendment. Couy Griffin, leader of Cowboys for Trump, was just kicked out of office for violating the 14th Amendment. They have their precedent.

Attorney Doug Schoen said, “…if the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s handling of classified material finds that the former president committed federal crimes, it very well may be appropriate and necessary for Garland to prosecute. At this point, contrary to what some on the right are suggesting, there is no reason to believe that Garland has any motive to bring charges against Trump beyond fulfilling his duty as attorney general to uphold the law.

[No evidence? Garland’s continually gone after anyone who opposes the administration – parents, Republicans, whoever.]

“That being said,” Schoen continues, “if Garland does decide to prosecute Trump, even if this decision is based on evidence that Trump committed a serious federal crime, it could set a disturbing and damaging precedent in this country. It also would rip America even further apart politically, potentially triggering another Civil War.”

The Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer declared “if it were anyone else” but former President Donald Trump who had mishandled sensitive documents, “they would be prosecuted.”

[Did Serwer so soon forget Hillary Clinton, who left her classified documents in a bathroom in her home and on a child pervert’s computer? Did he forget what Barack Obama did with his classified documents?]

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16 days ago

The funny thing is the Constitution allows people convicted of crimes run for President. Liberals don’t realize how many more Donald Trumps they are creating because they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
18 days ago

The abject loser and ill-bred Joe Bden, a sniveling whining old man who seriously couldn’t give a shyyyt about anyone and lets the simpletons in his admin do the talking and hilarious speech writing for him lolol. He’s like dealing with someone from an alternate universe who has convinced himself he’s some kind of hero with mega-mucles when in reality he’s nothing more than a people-hating stumbling fumbling lowlife swindler and grifter who fancies himself a “leader”. LOLOLOL

18 days ago

Do you know the difference between how Biden’s government persecutes his political rivals and the way Putin does? Of course you don’t, because there is No difference!!!

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
18 days ago

Guess Biden isn’t senile. He can at least recognize the biggest threat to his legacy as president and is taking action to end it.
What a great and remarkable action as the president. 

18 days ago
Reply to  Peter Prange

I love your sarcasm.

18 days ago

These people are so out of touch. A Trump indictment would just galvanize the MAGA movement. What they want is Riots and Martial Law, but Patriots are smart. They know their job will be much easier with Control of the Congress. They can tar and feather Democrats after the Election.

What Democrats are trying to do is make Trump into a criminal so they can lessen the actual crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and Barack 0bama. President Trump declassified “Russia, Russia, Russia”, which clearly had Hillary Clinton and Barack 0bama fingerprints on it. Once the Republicans are back in charge of the Congress we will find out just how corrupt to the core the 0bama Administration really was and how Hillary was raking in Billions for Democrats in foreign influence money. It will be shocking how corrupt the US Government is!