Trump Attorney in Elector’s Case Kenneth Chesebro Takes a Plea


Kenneth Chesbro, a former Trump attorney, wrote a series of memos about Trump’s alternate election strategy in 2020. Democrats made it into a crime. He pleaded guilty to one felony Friday as part of a plea deal.

Kenneth Chesebro

The 62-year-old attorney pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy of filing false documents during a brief proceeding before Fulton County Superior Court judge Scott McAfee.

This follows co-defendant Sidney Powell’s plea deal.

There is no way Mr. Chesebro would have gotten a fair trial in Fulton County, especially when the prosecutors don’t mind stretching the truth.

Mr. Chesebro is the alleged architect of the elector’s plan, which Democrats called the fake elector’s plot.

The Trump team was doing everything in the open and they believed, within the law.

A third defendant, a former bail bondsman, Scott Hall, pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts last month.

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