More Gascon Radicals to Totally Take Over LA in November


District Attorney George Gascón was not recalled and will continue to allow criminals to run rampant for another two years. More of these Gascon-like radicals are positioned to take over LA. One of them is a civil rights attorney named Faisal Gill.

Crime is soaring in Los Angeles thanks to Soros-funded Gascon’s no bail and pro-criminal policies.

Special interests, including George Soros, funded him into the office and are now looking to get more socialists in power positions, The Epoch Times reports.

Due to the open primary system wherein the two top vote-getters advance to the November general election, both candidates are Democrats. But one of the two is a far-left, Bernie Sanders/George Gascón type; he’s a Democratic Socialist named Faisal Gill.

He is running for the city attorney position, an important position in defending the city against lawsuits. The city attorney handles lawsuits over homelessness and police actions like allegations of racial profiling, sex harassment, or abuse of force.


According to The Epoch Times, Faisal Gill is endorsed by the “Feel the Bern” Democratic Club, Minnesota leftists Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and far-left Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin. Gill is a civil rights attorney. Don’t expect him to support the police or the victims.

Gill came out of nowhere to win the primary by 4.5 percent, thanks to help from the far left and Bernie’s Democratic Socialists and their ballot harvesting.

The Plan to Go After the Police

Gill tweeted this week, “…police officers with a history of misconduct and bias shouldn’t be allowed to remain on the streets without accountability. That’s why as City Attorney, I will establish a special review process for officers with a history of misconduct.”

You won’t hear him saying anything about criminals or victims. He’s laser-focused on the police.

“I will create a list of officers with a history of racial profiling, excessive force or bias, and more. Arrests made by the officers on this list will be subject to special review. Victims of police misconduct should not have to wait years to receive the justice they deserve,” Gill wrote.

Gill reportedly wants to decriminalize soliciting sex with minors. He’s also endorsed by the communist Sunrise Movement.

Two other radicals, Eunisses Hernandez and Kenneth Mejia are running for the City Council and the City Controller. They plan to work together to create progressive change.

Pro-Life at One Time Could Be The Deal Killer

His past pro-life views are the only thing that might hold him back. These LA radicals want the unborn killed up to the moment of birth using brutal partial-birth abortion. In a partial-birth abortion, the doctor pulls the baby’s body, except for the head, out of the uterus with forceps. He then pierces the baby’s head with scissors. The next step is to suction out the baby’s brain.

This is who we are now.

According to The Epoch Times, the Bernie Sanders revolutionaries call for:
  • Medicare for All (aka socialized medicine)
  • Environmental justice
  • Green New Deal
  • Defunding police and reallocating funds into communities
  • Canceling student debt
  • Housing as a human right
  • Abolishing ICE and detention centers
  • Prison abolition

These revolutionaries are running for office all over the country. It doesn’t matter how terrible they are — people will vote for them. Take John Fetterman, who is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania. He is leading Dr. Oz.

Alarmingly, Joe Biden has supported or come close to supporting these policies.

Democratic Socialists are to the left of the Communist Party USA.

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