More on That CCP Police Station Above a NYC Noodle Shop


The Chinese police station above a noodle shop in New York City spies on Chinese nationals. But, it is even shadier than we knew. The New York Post found it’s operated by a ‘charity’ that had its tax-exempt status yanked. They are on the IRS blacklist. At least one of these in Canada is also a nonprofit.

Anything China runs is integral to the military and Chinese Communist Party apparatus back home. These aren’t charities.

The Post Report:

The non-profit America ChangLe Association NY Inc. owns and operates the “service station” located above a noodle shop on the third floor of 107 East Broadway on the Lower East Side, according to public filings.

In May, the IRS yanked the group’s tax-exempt status for its failure to submit tax filings for three straight years, according to public records.

The non-profit, which was incorporated in New York in 2013 and listed its charitable mission as a “social gathering place for Fujianese people,” paid $1.3 million three years later for the suite of offices that houses the Fuzhou Police Overseas Chinese Affairs bureau, filings show.

The Chinese Communist Party has opened these stations worldwide. The one in New York City is unobtrusively housed above a noodle shop.

Above the noodle shop

The Fuzhou Public Security Bureau (PSB) of China has established more than 50 police “service stations” across five continents, including the US and at least three in the Greater Toronto Area, according to a list shared by Chinese media.

Allegedly, the CCP, not known for its concerns for citizens, exists to protect citizens abroad. They can also track, monitor, threaten, abuse, and generally spy on their citizens and who knows who else.

The PSB say they go as far as “persuading” alleged criminals to return to China to face justice, according to new research by Safeguard Defenders, a European NGO.

It doesn’t take much to become a criminal in China. You are a criminal if they say you are.

On their Facebook page, America ChangeLe says they unite immigrants.

Having a Chinese Communist Party ‘police’ apparatus in New York City above a noodle shop should alarm the nightclubbing Mayor of the city. It hasn’t.

Canada Has Three

There are three in Canada, and one is in a business park near a highway. It’s not a noodle shop, but equally unobtrusive. It is owned by the Canada Toronto FuQing Business Association, a federally incorporated non-profit.

Per its website, the CTFQBA was established “under the guidance” of several Chinese and Fujianese government organizations. One of them is a municipal committee of the United Front Work Department, the body that projects the Chinese Communist Party’s influence overseas.

These should not be allowed – clearly.

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Charles Anthony
Charles Anthony
1 year ago

Let me see, the CCP and the DNC have the SAME sort of business going on!