More on the Nazis in Florida Who Like Joe Biden


Caveat: I cannot confirm any of Laura Loomer’s concerns, and we hate to give Boneface below any airtime, but people need to know this exists. Democrats use truly hateful rhetoric to convince Americans that Republicans and Conservatives are Nazis. 

Laura Loomer had interactions with the Nazis rallying yesterday in Altamonte Springs Florida. They are terrifying. She said they frequently attack her verbally for being Jewish. As we reported yesterday, the leader of the group said he was going to vote for Biden because he liked what Biden was doing in Ukraine with the Nazis.

Miss Loomer reported that at least one of the Nazis said he is directly tied to the FBI and CIA. She also said that law enforcement sources told her the FBI were undercover at this rally [that would be expected].

Florida Nazi, Kent “Boneface” McClellan said the CIA helped him get to Ukraine years ago to fight with the Right Sector.

Boneface was arrested by the FBI in Florida in 2012 for allegedly planning an act of domestic terrorism against minorities. He also served time in prison for physically assaulting and beating migrants. Two years after his arrest, he said he was placed in touch with the CIA who helped him travel to Ukraine in 2014. He holds a Ukrainian passport since 2022.

As Laura Loomer said, why is he here on the streets?

This is what the Nazi Boneface said, in a speech she captured in video below:

“The first time I went to Ukraine, was right after the Maidan Revolution. Our regiment wasn’t, formed yet. It was just a battalion, but I was actively cooperating with the British Right sector, volunteer corps, and through them, I found myself in the misanthropic division.

“They say the FBI put me there, but the FBI had nothing to do with it, it was actually the CIA, they set me up with them.

“At that time, it was all about the revolution itself, about the fact that they were various military organizations acting, which adhered to the principle of nationalism. Nationalists here in the US could never unite, do you know what I mean? It is nothing like what was happening in Ukraine.

“I was very attracted to it as well as many other volunteers from America. When the Azov battalion was first formed, the third company was composed exclusively of English, speaking people from Norway, Finland, and similar countries, and of course, Americans. So, it was a unit that was made up of all sorts of people from all over the world, and that was before Azov split into various battalions in units, when it was yet extremely poorly organized.

He thinks Zelenskyy fears Americans more than Russians.

“There are many many Americans. Zelenskyy left us to die. He fears us even more than the Russians. I am convinced of this.

“Zelenskyy, with his constant bargaining, asking around the world for new weapons, this constant demand for weapons! We did not see any of these weapons at all. We were never given anything. He decided to turn us all in, let all the Azovstal defenders be arrested to the last soldier. You just sent us to die for a collapsing, aluminum factory!

“Well, yes, he gave us all citizenship, yes, he wanted us all with medals, treated us very well, but when it came to the issue of Social Security cards and identity documents, then all his determination wavered, and I started to realize that Zelenskyy just wants us to die. I’ve only shared that idea with a few members of our unit, he sent us to die for his own aims.”


Miss Loomis said that this rally in Florida took place one day after #BantheADL trended globally. She added that the ADL also has an entire page on their website about Jon Minadeo and the GDL, which organized this rally yesterday.

In December 2022, she said the ADL refused to condemn the Azov battalion.

Max Blumenthal previously reported on how the ADL refused to condemn Azov even after he sent a DM an email asking them to.

However, the head of the ADL Jonathan Greenblatt does appear to oppose to the GDL. Greenblatt said the ADL does not consider the AZOVs the far right group it was [Nazis are not right, don’t believe the media. They’re socialist extremist lunatics.]

The ADL harshly condemned the AZOVs before they were cleansed.

Loomer asked the question, is the ADL working with the GDL a.k.a. Goyim Defense League?

The ADL needs to be investigated, Loomis says. She wants to know if they are running Nazi PSY ops with US intelligence agencies like the CIA and FBI.

She also wrote on Twitter that a Ukrainian Nazi spy was next to Jacob Chansley, aka the Shaman, during the J6 riots. He was never wanted by the FBI nor was he arrested, yet Chansley was.

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