Morning Joe News: President Trump is killing people every day


Former Governor Huckabee responded to the lunatic ramblings of Mika this week. She claimed President Trump is killing people every day. In fact, President Trump saved lives with travel bans that Democrat media bashed him for doing. When the ‘scientists’ told him to instruct people to wear masks or social distance, he did it, and he was condemned for that. When Americans needed a vaccine, he is the one who did all the right things to make that happen too.


Here’s more of your unbiased news service. The AP doesn’t seem to understand that half the country thinks the election was won fraudulently, and with good reason.:

It’s so moving to see how much they care. Consider their reaction to Rudy Giuliani getting COVID.

Does anyone really think a senile old liar and an unlikeable communist won over 82 million people who flooded to the polls? Maybe they did by some miracle. The country has gone insane.

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