Morning Joe rails against ‘stupid’ red states, ignores these grim stats


Research shows that lockdowns don’t work and there are a lot of questions about the value of masks. Leftists would have us lock down indefinitely at great cost. It’s aimed mostly at getting their far-left agenda through.

In the first clip, Morning Joe Scarborough says states like Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and South Dakota are “all about wanting to own the libs” by opening up schools and businesses.

The truth is, Red states don’t want to own libs, they want to look at the total picture. Some believe the damage done from lockdowns currently exceeds the damage from COV. In the end, they do own the ‘libs.’ The worst governors are blue state governors who locked down to extremes.

The lockdown was only supposed to last two weeks. Then it was to last until the hospitals leveled off. Now, it’s without end.


The shocking statistics from lockdowns:

Dr. Atlas has a different take from Morning Joe and friends:

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