Morning Joe rails against ‘stupid’ red states, ignores these grim stats


Research shows that lockdowns don’t work and there are a lot of questions about the value of masks. Leftists would have us lock down indefinitely at great cost. It’s aimed mostly at getting their far-left agenda through.

In the first clip, Morning Joe Scarborough says states like Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and South Dakota are “all about wanting to own the libs” by opening up schools and businesses.

The truth is, Red states don’t want to own libs, they want to look at the total picture. Some believe the damage done from lockdowns currently exceeds the damage from COV. In the end, they do own the ‘libs.’ The worst governors are blue state governors who locked down to extremes.

The lockdown was only supposed to last two weeks. Then it was to last until the hospitals leveled off. Now, it’s without end.


The shocking statistics from lockdowns:

Dr. Atlas has a different take from Morning Joe and friends:

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2 years ago

Liberals have no idea what science is. Lock downs can’t work in High Density population areas. If you want to be sick all the time then live in a Big Blue City. Over 100 years of Military research has proven that cloth mask don’t work against a virus. There is even a warning on a box of N-95 Mask that says that N-95 Mask do not protect against viruses.

Lets look at facts. The greatest breakouts and highest death tolls were in Big Blue Cities. There is only one reason for this; population density. The Democrats love Taxes, so why don’t we make the Big Blur Cities pay their share and create a Density Tax. Start at 2,000 people per square mile at 1%. For every 2,000 you raise the tax 1%. So in Washington DC with a Density of just under 12,000 per square mile everyone pays a 5% additional Federal Tax. In NYC where people are packed in like sardines and the population Density hits 70,000 people per Square Mile they will pay an additional 35% Federal Tax. Imagine how much money Democrats could raise with a Density Tax.

A Density Tax is also a fair tax as where does the Government always seem to dump Billions every time there is a “Natural Disaster” or just plain bad weather; It most goes to the Big Blue Cities. When it came to COVID low density rural America had very little problem dealing with it. Here in rural Mississippi there was no real lock down, though Democrat Politicians tried their best to do things like shutdown Churches and schools. Most people ignored mask mandates. Life here never really changed all that much, while life in Big Blue Cities became a Hell on Earth. The core reason, too many people living too close together. The biggest threat to mankind is mankind. With modern medicine, far too many people live far too long and it seems like it’s dumb people who procreate like rabbits and hang around long beyond what should be their expiration date who are the biggest problem.

The Blue Meanie
The Blue Meanie
2 years ago

Morning Joe! Bwahahah!
Thanks I needed a good laugh.
Any society that gives a Morning Joe a platform is already destroyed.

Frank Farmer
Frank Farmer
2 years ago

Morning Joe the political hoe