Moscow Looks to Divorce the West and EU Market


Caveat: Take what you will from this summary of an RT article. The title: ‘Russia’s divorce from the West has pushed it into China’s arms, here’s how it will work’ 

The following could spell disaster for the West. The Far East, a growing market of enormous potential could form a powerful alliance with Russia and China. In addition, it could mean the end of SWIFT and the US dollar as the world reserve currency. The IMF is predicting a new global order as well.

A Russian economist, writing on RT, says that as a result of the upheaval in world politics and the Russian embargo – largest since the Cold War – Moscow will reformat the country’s foreign economic relations and its economic model.

He said Beijing will be the only power center to benefit from the Ukraine catastrophe in the long run.

“It is possible that the events in Ukraine will predestine China’s success in opposing the United States,” he writes.

He emphasized that China is solidly in Russia’s camp although neutral on Ukraine. China’s calling for peace but you can’t believe them.


The Professor highlights the fact that American statements suggesting China might sanction Russia are delusional.

“American statements about having ‘discussions’ with China about the situation surrounding Ukraine and even of China giving some consideration to Western sanctions are divorced from reality. This is not the first time this situation has occurred. In 2014, President Barack Obama tried to convince the Chinese not to conclude an agreement with Russia on the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, which was nonetheless signed in May of the same year.”


He talks about changes that could isolate the West from the vital imports. It could displace the dollar as the reserve currency.

Russia and China “have so far carried out significant work to put a secure infrastructure in place to ensure bilateral trade. And such efforts have continued until very recently…”

“Preparing for a tough conflict with the West, Russia has sharply increased the share of yuan in its gold and foreign exchange reserves. According to some estimates, the Bank of Russia has $140 billion worth of Chinese government bonds denominated in yuan alone. Indirectly, this may also indicate that the current volume of sanctions has been expected for a long time.”

“In addition, China’s CFETS trading system and the Moscow Exchange have been trading in the yuan-ruble currency pair since 2010. Thus, conditions exist for all trade between the two countries to be shifted to national currencies, mainly to the yuan, due to the volatility of the ruble.”

“… with the EU’s embargo of Russian imports, the process of reorienting to China may slightly accelerate, and China could become Russia’s main trading partner within the next two or three years. As a result, the trade between Russia and its main trading partner will be safe from external influences.”

Russia Was Prepared for These Sanctions and Is Forging New Alliances

Russia has been preparing for this, the professor says, adding “China may eventually replace the European market.”

He said China will accelerate the development of the requisite infrastructure in the Far East.

“China may have significant interest in redirecting Russian raw material exports to itself while converting it to yuan, as this will not only give Beijing numerous political and strategic benefits but also bring it huge economic gains. In particular, China’s protection from sanctions and embargo attempts will sharply increase, the cost of acquired resources will decrease, while the role of the yuan in world trade will dramatically rise (the internationalization of the yuan is an important goal for Chinese policy).”

Russia won’t deal with Japan, South Korea, and Singapore after the sanctioning, he says.

The economist, Dr. Vasily Kashin, sees China replacing the EU as Russia’s main trading partner, in the long run. This could result in the development of Siberia and the Far East. Russia can come out of this embargo “significantly strengthened”, he writes.

A military alliance between Russia and China could also one day take place.

The RT article was written by Vasily Kashin, Political Science Ph.D., Director of Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) of Russia’s Higher School of Economics National Research University.

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1 year ago

Never in the whole course of human history has more damage been done to a great nation than the Obiden Junta has inflicted in the past 14 months. It will only get worse unless we rise up and cast them from the power they have illegally seized.

1 year ago

Democrats are basically greedy pigs, and the fattest pigs get slaughtered first. Old European Money found the World leaving them behind. They created the International Monetary Fund to control the World’s money. Then came the World Economic Forum to influence Governments. Both China and Russia didn’t play along. Back in the Summer of 2016, there was BREXIT. Then there was the Election of President Trump. The Globalist saw their plans coming apart. Taking over the World was now in jeopardy.

Trump had to go, he was an America First President. Trump was a threat to China. He was moving America back to a Manufacturing Economy. Trump was a threat to Globalist. He became aware of the Globalist laundering money to compromise Western Governments through Ukraine. China used the Nouveau Riche Tech Billionaires to Steal the 2020 Election which was going to be electronic. The Old Rich Globalist were behind the Covid Hoax, and used SARS-Cov-2 to try and weaken the Chinese Economy, but it went Worldwide. Democrats then used the Covid Hoax to hide their ballot box stuffing activities. It all reminds me of Mad Magazine and Spy vs Spy vs Spy.

With control of the US Government, the Globalist implemented their plan of USD destruction through Traitor Joe. Energy, i.e. Oil Production is the World’s money. Not Gold and Silver. The Globalist wanted the Euro to be the Reserve Currency, but the Chinese have a different idea. When the Globalist threatened Russia with Bio Weapons as they did with China, Russia was forced to act. With their Oil Reserves, Russia has worked a deal with China for an alternate New World Order. The Globalist are going to lose. The only way they might be able to stop Russia and China is World War, which will go Nuclear, and then everyone will lose. The Globalist have already lost! We need to focus on saving America, not Europe which is the heart of the Globalist.

The States MUST act now to remove the Traitor Joe Administration and replace it with an America First Government which would still leave America a seat at the table. This could be done with an Article 5 Convention, but Democrats aren’t going to give up Power, so the Democrats will probably force the Country into Civil War – again! Civil War will result in America being a very minor world power. The center of US Power will shift to the Red States and the Blue States and Cities will be in ruins. An all out Civil War in America will result in over 100,000,000 Blue State dead! Most will starve to death.

In the end, Western Billionaires will be slaughtered. China and Russia will just take their businesses, money, land, and worst of all, their private planes. China and Russia will not allow them to be a threat in the future. In Asian Culture, you end the Blood Lines of your enemies. We are heading for a Worldwide Dark Age! The core of this is the Liberal Democrat drive to always get stuff for free. Nothing is Free!

1 year ago

What made the US such a powerhouse, and thus a Global Superpower were the population and its industrial output. At some point China would exceed the output of the US merely by population size. When the US offloaded its production sector to China and then signaled we will become a “service” economy it set the stage for the US to no longer being the Superpower. Size matters as with every empire. This was the original purpose of the EU, except they decided to venture away from economics alone and get into political control of client states.

I saw this quite a long time ago. I just didn’t think the US would literally cut their own throats to make it happen. In the past it was Japan who everyone thought would surpass the US in manufacturing, to such a degree businessmen would go there to study their methods and bring them here.

If I’m not mistaken Trump warned about “Japan” back then. But Japanese economics didn’t pan out and in the 90’s it took a turn for the worse with their markets stagnating and have yet to fully recover. Their markets today haven’t increased much, if any, from the highs during those years.

The theory that was brought from Japan and implemented here was JIT (Just In Time) inventory. This was the most idiotic principle ever imagined. The disaster was compounded by the ludicrous “taxes on inventory”, so it was made attractive by governments. There had been disruptions in the past but always of minor significance. No one took into account a serious supply chain disruption. Because of JIT I was fairly certain the supply chains would be disrupted due to the way Covid was implemented. The system has become way to fragile and cannot withstand such disruptions. There is no other result but higher and higher inflation, basic supply and demand, and Biden has exacerbated the problem. I mean, who are these people making decisions. We learned this in High School, dammit. It was an entire course.

Trump saw ‘trade’ as the issue, beginning with Japan, and when the same issues began with China, he warned again. China was bound to rise as an economic power but the US didn’t have to hand over the keys. So long as we could manage a diverse economy we would overcome any perils of downturns. Instead we have an economy that can easily falter on insignificant events. That is the beginning of failing as, not only a Superpower, but any type of Global Power. We may not turn into a Third World country but certainly as a Second Rate power. It wouldn’t be the first time a global powerhouse lost its status. History is replete with quite a few.

1 year ago

Tragic consequences of stolen election enabled by corrupt fake news Marxist anti-American MSM.

This Is The Key
This Is The Key
1 year ago

Eurasia and the BRI.