Most dangerous nominee was confirmed as HHS secretary, 1 GOP defection


So-called Republican Susan Collins was the only Republican to vote for Xavier Becerra. She said he cares about rural areas. Becerra is an attorney with no medical background. His goal is to completely dismantle our healthcare system.

He is a full-on abortion supporter and wants Medicare for All [communist healthcare]. He will mesh Medicare into this Medicare for All.

Becrra has sued to mandate religious people provide abortifacients and abortions as healthcare.

“The most significant health-related experience on the nominee’s record are his efforts to wield the legal system against religious sisters to make them violate their faith and conscience,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said in floor remarks Wednesday.

He supports free healthcare for illegal aliens.


The confirmation of Xavier Becerra as head of the most sweeping federal health agency will mean “culture wars” driven by divisive liberal policies, Senate Republicans say.

“Xavier Becerra isn’t an experienced consensus leader, he’s a culture war super-soldier with a long history of attacking First Amendment freedoms,” Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse said.

“Culture wars are poison to self-government, especially during a real public health crisis. The Senate should reject his divisive nomination,” he said.

Becerra is far-far-left and his goal is to destroy our healthcare system with single-payer.

Becerra, the current California attorney general, filed over 100 lawsuits against the Trump administration to try to stop Trump’s policies on a number of issues, including immigration, the environment, and healthcare.

If he gets the position of Secretary of HHS, he would have a $1.3 trillion budget and authority over our healthcare, abortion, and medicare.

Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mt.) warned, “In looking at his record as a culture warrior… he’s aggressively pursued a pro-abortion agenda, even when that’s crossed the line on protecting religious freedom.”

“Becerra has no background in virology, he never worked at a pharmaceutical company, and his only health care experience is that he sued the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

This is a bow to the Democrat Socialists [they are to the left of the CPUSA].



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