Shocking homeless conditions in third world Philadelphia


The video below of Philadelphia’s skid row is shocking and distressing. We have these horrible homeless crisis situations in all of our big cities, mostly due to bad – wrong-headed  -policies, bad leaders, and wasteful expenditures. Watch these dozens of people camped out along ‘largest open-air drug market on the East Coast,’ as the New York Times calls it.

It was posted to YouTube by a user with the handle name ‘HoodTime,’ and was filmed last Wednesday at two spots underneath the ‘El’ – which is how locals refer to the Market-Frankford train line.

A spokesperson for the City of Philadelphia told “We did not produce that video and we cannot speak to its origin or veracity. As such, we are not able to comment on it.”

As the temperature plunged to a near-freezing 33 degrees, the group of unsheltered people filmed in the video is seen huddling around a fire that was started in a trash bin.

Instead of importing more poor, criminal, possibly disturbed people from foreign lands, we should be doing a better job with the homeless already here.


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